The mystery and mystique surrounding some of the greatest magic trick illusions of all time makes you almost believe in real magic. Of course, while stunning, these illusions are just that: illusions. Illusionist magicians work hard to plan out these stunts using everything from hidden compartments, assistants, lights, mirrors, sleight of hand, and simple distractions to make the seemingly impossible happen. From recreating a miracle found in the Bible to making one of the most well known landmarks in the world disappear, illusionists go way beyond disappearing rabbits and cutting assistants in half. Here we break the magician's code and reveal some of the greatest magic illusions of all time. Check out the original tricks performed followed by a video explanation of how it's done. 

View at your own risk. If you don't want the illusion spoiled, don't watch the "reveal videos." But if you want to be wowed by the creativity behind these amazing magic illusions, read and watch below. And don't try these at home. 

Cigarette through a Coin

David Blaine makes a lit cigarette seemingly pass through a solid metal coin. He even lets the bystanders get a close look at the trick once complete. But there is more than meets the eye here and the mystery as to whether it is the coin, the cigarette, or something else that makes this trick seem so real. Watch and learn if a hot, lit cigarette can heat up metal enough to burn a hole right through it. Maybe this gives new meaning to the saying "burning a hole in your pocket."

Laser Illusion

David Copperfield is a master of magic illusions. His showmanship is unmatched and adds to the allure of his tricks. Here he gets cut clean in half by a laser beam. The setup and performance is well executed but the illusion itself is deceptively simple. Check out how it's done and if you're flexible enough you can do it too!  Imagine the possibilities of your new found talent.

The video below also shows some other illusionist's tricks revealed, skip to the 3:23 minute mark to see how the Laser Illusion was done. Anyone can do this without the laser and lights.

Walking on Water

Criss Angel has a flair for style and showmanship and this illusion of him performing the "miracle" of walking on water is no let down. People actually swim under him as he's walking across the pool water. To the naked eye this is a modern day miracle of walking on water. But look closer and you'll see the magic behind this miracle. 

After watching in awe, check out how it was done. He deserves extra props for the amount of planning and careful camera angling done to pull it off. 

Vanishing Statue of Liberty

This is one of the most epic illusion performances ever done. Performed by David Copperfield in front of live TV and a live audience, he makes the Statue of Liberty disappear before their eyes. A helicopter and spotlights pass through the spot to show it's gone. The amount of planning, lighting, and movement techniques used here deserves a standing ovation. It's quite a feat to pull off!

Keep in mind that some people do dismiss the theory presented below as how it was actually done. But it seems quite plausible as a way to make the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of your eyes. The video below is presented for your review, perhaps you have your own theory as to how Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish into thin air.

The Portal

Copperfield's "The Portal" is considered by some fans of magic and illusion to be one of the greatest magic illusion performances of all time. Keep in mind that this complex illusion was done hundreds (if not thousands) of times in front of live studio audiences across the world. Different audience members were selected each time for this illusion. He literally transports himself and another person from the stage to Hawaii. He sets up multiple "proofs" that it is actually happening and sets up heartwarming storylines to build up the emotional awe. To this day there is no 100% confirmed explanation for how Copperfield pulled off this amazing trick. Even GLaDOS would be impressed.

Keep in mind that back when this was performed technology like 3-D imaging, computer graphics, and green screen technology was still a bit clumsy and obvious which eliminates many other theories. The video below gives one of the most likely scenarios (although some believe the "escape" explanation used another technique. View below and decide for yourself.

And there you have it. Some of the world's greatest illusionists performing some of the most amazing magic illusions of all time. Now you know exactly how some were done and have some wondering to do about those still fully unsolved. 

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