Comic Con is always the place to be for those that love comic books and everything related to them. This year was an even more important year because of the influence that Hollywood is having and how comic books have become a huge part of popular culture. There were many things to see and do this year at Comic Con San Diego and there were some really huge things that took place, including some that every fan would have only dreamt of seeing live. Here are the top coolest things to take place at Comic Con this year that do not have to do with the sexy cosplay costumes.

Loki Takes Over

Loki at Comic Con

Tom Hiddleston played Thor’s step brother and nemesis in both the original Thor movie and in Marvel’s Avengers. What no one saw coming is him showing up at Comic Con and taking over the clips' presentation for Thor: The Dark World in full Loki costume. It was one of the coolest moments in the event this year. He did not show up as a caricature of the villain, he was the villain. It was as if he were putting on the best stage play ever for fans of the comics.

The clip shown from the movie revealed how Loki will not get too far away from his evil ways as in one scene he leaves Thor without one of his limbs. While the clip got the fans excited, it was Hiddleston that stole the show, at one point getting the entire Hall H to chant Loki’s name. Thor: The Dark World will be released in the US on November 8th.

Man Of Steel And Batman

Man of Steel and Bat-Man Logo

Comic book fans have waited for DC to start working on a Justice League movie and while there were a couple of Easter eggs in the “Man of Steel” they were nothing compared to the announcement made at Comic Con 2013. The “Man of Steel” sequel which is scheduled for release in 2015 will feature both Superman and the caped crusader himself. As to how the two characters will interact is anyone’s guess, but the dramatic way in which the Warner Bros panel made the announcement suggests that they will face off.

Part of the announcement was left to actor Harry Lenix who read a bit from the animated “The Dark Knight Returns” movie. Lenix read “I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come… in all your private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.” As the speech ended, director Zach Snyder revealed a logo that features both the Superman and Bat-Man logos. The announcement was one of the most well received and epic.

Avengers: The Age Of Ultron

Age of Ultron

I am convinced “Marvel’s Avengers” was one of the most well received superhero movies of all time and fans are already anticipating its sequel. With the “phase two movies” already hitting the theaters the big question has been what the plot line will be. The best guesses involved the villain Thanos, but director Joss Whedon has other plans. He revealed the name of the Avengers’ sequel which will be “Avengers: The Age of Ultron”. Comic book fans know that Marvel has released an “Age of Ultron” series, but the movie will not talk about the events in that book. In the comics, Ultron is a robot created by Hank Pym (Ant-Man) but Whedon confirmed that Pym will not make it to the movie.

Some of the fans are praying that Whedon changes his mind about not having Pym in the movie as it would change a lot of the original story line; but Whedon never seems to disappoint the fans so let’s hope that he has something in his sleeve. The announcement was a part of the Marvel panel and may have been the biggest announcement from the company.

Agents Of Shield Pilot

Agents of Shield

Staying with Whedon, the next big moment was when the cast of the new ABC show “Agents of Shield” took the stage. As the fans already know Agent Coulson will be back so that was no surprise. The fans got to meet some of the cast and crew involved in the show, but of course they all wanted to see a clip of the show’s pilot. Whedon went on to explain that due to legal problems they were not allowed to show a clip and while that got some of the fans bummed, the producer soon turned those frowns upside down with his solution. Instead of showing a clip, he decided to show the entire episode.

We can tell you that some of the shield cast from the Avengers movie will be appearing in the show, but not in every episode. It is also very likely that the big superhero names will not show up, but think of Maria Hill and possibly Nick Fury making an appearance from time to time.

X-Men Days Of Future Past

Days of Future Past Cast

Another anticipated movie is “X-Men: Days of Future Past” which is based on the comic book series of the same name. Director Bryan Singer showed up for the panel, but he was not alone. he brought most of the cast with him including people reprising their roles from the original trilogy and some from the X-Men First Class movie and the new people who will be making their début in the movie.

From the panel we know that there will be a few differences from the comic book, starting with the fact that Kitty Pryde is not the one who will be traveling back in time. Instead that mission will be left to Wolverine. X-Men: Days of Future Past is starting to look as if it will be the biggest move with everyone’s favorite mutant team ever. You can expect to see a movie more geared towards the sci-fi crowd with Sentinels, time travel, and universe changing events.

Other Cool things At Comic Con

The movies mentioned earlier were just some of the highlights, here are some that you may have missed:

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy cast showed up and if that were not good enough we saw Karen Gillan remove her wig to show us the Nebula bald head. Can’t wait for this movie.
  • The X-Files celebrated its 20th anniversary and both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson left open a possible third movie. We also now know that a sex scene between Mulder and Scully was in fact filmed.
  • Stephen Hawking introduced the cast of the Big Bang Theory including narrating the show’s theme song.
  • If you are not excited about the movie “Gravity” yet then the footage shown at Comic Con is enough to change your mind. The movie looks amazing and terrifying at the same time.