This is season 4, episode 4 of the ABC Family show Greek. In this episode, All About Beav, we follow the life of Beaver and learn that he is more intelligent that he comes across. He also finds an unlikely love interest in brainy Katherine.

Also, Casey struggles with the demands of law school while Rusty and Dana's relationship takes a turn for the worst.

All About Beav

As the rooster crows, Beaver (Aaron Hill) answers a wake-up call from his mother. She wants to know if he's awake. She makes him repeat, "I am the star of my own life. I deserve to be center stage."

Beaver tells his stuffed penguin that he's lucky to stay asleep. Downstairs, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) greets him with a guten morgen. Beav asks Cappie about being philanthropy chair. As Cappie is about to explain what the word philanthropy means, Beav cuts him off.

Beaver received an email from IFC. Someone alerted them that their Fill-a-man's wild's pussycat rave was a fake philanthropy project. Cappie says that it's been a fake for years. They'll figure something out. They always do.

Beaver offers Rusty (Jacob Zachar) and Dana (Martha McIsaac) a PBJ and they're busy working on their project. They found out that a team of students at MIT are also working on a self-healing wire.

Beaver asks if they do boss/secretary role-playing. He makes a joke about "dictation" before stepping on their project. He promises to buy them a new toy as he runs off to ZBZ.

At the ZBZ house, Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) is preparing the freshmen for pledge presents. She asks Heather to walk down the stairs. Rebecca quips that if she can't walk down the stairs in platform heels, then she has no business being in a sorority.

Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) asks Rebecca if she can use her as a reference for prospective employers. She already used Casey Cartwright, lawyer too many times. Beav giggles and was hoping those girls would start making out. Rebecca tells him that he's supposed to be moving furniture.

Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick) enter. Beaver sees Katherine and calls her "pretty lady." Katherine talks about the fun challenge of pursuing a dual degree at CRU. He's smitten.

Beaver sees Evan (Jake McDorman) and apologizes for moving his girlfriend's breast/chest--it's a book case. Evan asks if she really needs that guy to help her move stuff.

In English class, Beaver learns he gets an F on his To Kill a Mockingbird paper. The entire football team had turned in the same paper. The professor gives Beaver one more night to turn in a real paper or the F stays. Beav asks, "what about the children?"

At the outdoor cafe, Joanie the server personally hands him his favorite drink. The janitor and Beav make small talk about Glee. Casey and Katherine walk by, and Beaver tries to make small talk. Casey tells Katherine that she doesn't have a study group. Katherine says that study groups are a waste of time. Katherine leaves for her business strategy class.

Casey tells Beav that Katherine is a brainiac who's only into nerds like Rusy and Al Gore. He wants some of that. She wants some too (for a study group).

Rusty apologizes on the phone to Professor Hastings for the broken model. He only has 4 hours for they have to present to board for grant funding. Beav asks Rusty to do some "smart people stuff" on his paper. Rusty can't because he's sciency, not literary. Beave accidentally kicks Rusty's model.

Ashleigh walks in and asks Rusty about his presentation. She reads the text and is bored. She says he needs flashy stuff, buzz words, and visuals. She asks him if she can spice it up. He thinks it can't hurt. He offers to pay $50. She counters with $75. He says $60. She reponds with $1. She's been watching too many daytime game shows. Sixty it is.

Outside, Beaver tells Cappie that he's going to fail his paper on To Kill a Mockingbird. Cappie asks, "what about the children?" Cappie tells him that Casey aced Modern American Lit.

Beav asks if there's any special message he wants to give Casey. Cappie says that the last time he gave a message, it didn't go so well. Beav counters, "I can't help if 'I'm going to be late' sounds like 'I'm going to masturbate.'"

Cappie warns, "Bing approaches 3:00." Beav checks his watch while Evan approaches Cappie. They start bickering. Cappie accuses him of ratting them out to the IFC for their philanthropy hours. Evan says that he's not a brother anymore. He's an alum, in law school, and dating Rebecca. He has better things to do. He walks away. As he's long gone, Cappie tells him to get out of his sight.

At the lab, the professor scolds them for working at the fraternity house. Ashleigh has added 3 buzzwords to the presentation: revolutionary, environmental, and insulation. The professor wants to know who she is. Rusty says that she's the marketing consultant.

Ashleigh asks Dana who to list as the inventors of the project. Dana says to add her too. It's standard for her level of contribution.

At the ZBZ house, Casey's building a tower of books while frantically studying. Beav asks Casey if she can help him with his paper. She's too stressed out. She has no study group, so she can't divide and conquer the case summaries like everyone else.

Beav offers to get her the case summaries. He offers a deal. He gets the case summaries, she gives him her paper.

Beav logs onto his computer and sees that this mysterious guy Dave has the case summaries. Unfortunately the website crashes. Casey asks if they can track Dave down. Beav says that Dave works in Rio de Janeiro, but he has another address of his apartment.

Rebecca lectures the pledges to get it together before tonight.

Evan enters with a heavy load of textbooks. He can't make it to Pledge Presents tonight. His first exam is next week. She pretends to be understanding, but says that it would be weird not to have a date. Evan offers Calvin (who is gay).

At Rusty's apartment, Rusty shows up in a dorky suit. Ashleigh offers to change him, but tells him about the presentation. Dana had asked to be listed as a co-inventor. Apparently it was not standard procedure.

At the KT house, Rebecca looks for Beaver. Suddenly she has an idea. Cappie is better. She wants Cappie to be his date for Pledge Presents. She wants to stick it to Evan. He's in.

Before the presentation, Rusty calls Dana out for asking to be listed as co-inventor without his permission. He says she came on the project after he came up with the idea. He says she was essential to the project, as an assistant.

Casey and Beaver are at the post office. It's not his apartment. A creepy guy informs them that Dave went out of business all of a sudden. He suggests asking the football team.

Beaver is reluctant about approaching the football team. He was on the team freshman year, and thinks it would be awkward to approach them.

In the men's locker room, Beaver and Casey walk in. The football guys warmly greet him. Beav was All-American in high school and No. 1 recruit. They tell him to try the Rio night club.

Rusty starts the presentation, the professor, Rusty, and Dana are listed as inventors in that order. Rusty and Dana bicker throughout the presentation. Dana says that she's been carrying him all along, that she's smarter, and that he can't handle it.

At the ZBZ house, Rebecca tells Heather that she was the best. Heather says that her brother, Heath is protective of her. Rebecca tells Heather that she's going to Pledge Presents with Cappie. She indirectly asks Heather to slip word to Evan. Heather's been waiting for this moment her whole life.

At Rusty's apartment, Ashleigh and Rusty commiserate. She says Dana wasn't very supportive. She's as bad as his ex, Travis. Hastings emailed. The committee agreed that the wire is important enough for funding, but should be in the hands of an actual research team. He's off the project.

Casey and Beaver plan to see Dave. Joanie gives Dave friendly service. As it turns out, Beaver saved her life once, by giving her the "hemlock." There's a lot that Casey doesn't know about him, like why he dropped out of football.

The KTs think he dropped out because he wanted to party, but actually he wussed out. He was afraid he couldn't cut it in college. He was All-American, but some of those other guys were too. And they could party and still be able to make it to practice. Casey understands. She's struggled her whole life to keep up with Rusty academically.

Casey also feels inferior to Katherine the genius. Katherine walks by, and Beaver invites her to the Rio night club. She's in. Casey panics.

At the ZBZ house, Cappie greets Rebecca. She forgot how well he cleans up. And he forgot that she doesn't wear underwear with that dress. Cappie wonders why Rebecca didn't just tell Evan he had to come. She doesn't do needy. She's starting to feel like an afterthought to him. She just wants his attention.

Rebecca saw Cappie studying in KT. She thinks Cappie's studying to impress Casey. Evan walks in. He says she proved her point. He tells Cappie to hit the road.

At the night club, Casey asks Beaver why he invited Katherine. He doesn't want the super genius around while she's buying case summaries. She doesn't want Katherine to know. Beav asks the bartender about Dave.

Backstage, sees a guy in a police costume. It's Heath working as a stripper. Heath is the mysterious Dave. Beav accidentally ends up on stage with Heath. Heath says that he shut down the service because a bunch of morons bought the same paper. Katherine asks Beaver to strip. That slow gin went to her head very quickly. A bouncer yells at Beav, and Beav runs off.

At the apartment, Rusty and Ashleigh commiserate over ice cream. Dana knocks. Ashleigh leaves to let them talk. Dana apologizes, but she still thinks she deserved credit. He feels like she doesn't respect his work. She asks if they can just start over and move on.

At the ZBZ house, Rebecca introduces the pledges. They're doing great until Cappie and Evan start bickering. The fight turns physical. Heather loves it. She loves college.

Beaver says that Dave agreed to let Casey buy the case summaries. Casey's upset that he told her in front of Katherine. As it turns out, Katherine wants to see those case summaries too. She's been lying. She's actually panicking.

Casey admits that she's been lying too. She asks if they can be in a study group together. They hug it out and agree to be in a study group. Casey agrees to give Beaver the paper since he's been so great tonight. It's the same paper that Beaver copied the first time. It turns out that Heath/Dave has been selling it the whole time. At least, she's smart enough for people to cheat off.

Beaver says he's screwed, and so are the children.

At the ZBZ house, Evan's trying to apologize to Rebecca. She says that Evan's been idiot for being threatened by Beaver, and by going on about law school only to get into the same dumb fight with Cappie since freshman year. She feels he's pulling away. He says things will calm down. He doesn't want to play games. He asks if they're okay. She agrees, but her face gives it away.

On the balcony, Rusty tells Ashleigh the they broke up. He hopes that Dana wasn't right about him. The university doesn't trust him to finish the wire. Ashleigh says that there wouldn't even be a wire without him. She thinks he's amazing. They hug it out.

Rusty asks if he should pay her the marketing fee in cash or check. She says check.

At the KT house, Casey offers to spare the night to help him with the paper. He says she's his favorite lady that he hasn't had sex with. He says that he has until 9am, and he mentions the children.

Casey asks about the children. She thinks it's some KT karmic synergy thing. As it turns out, Beaver is in a 5-year program, studying to become a kindergarten teacher. His mom, a drama teacher, is his inspiration. She always told him he could be whoever he wanted. He's the star of his own show.

Cappie walks by, and Beaver is about tell him about Heath, but Casey stops him. They see that Cappie has a black eye. Beaver realizes that it's "Bing."

Casey is aghast that Cappie and Evan are still fighting. Beaver says those two can't be friends because of her. She thinks it's more complicated than that. He disagrees--they both fell for the same girl.

Casey brings up Evan's money and the Omega Chi prank. Beaver says that Evan doesn't have money anymore, and that Bing only pulled the prank after he found out that she and Cappie got back together. He asks if she's sure she's in law school. This is pretty basic stuff.

Casey says that she's not with Cappie or Evan. Beaver says it's never over. That's pretty basic too.

Casey says that Beaver is a lot smarter than people know. He wonders if he's smart enough to write his own paper. She feigns enthusiasm. He thinks he owes it to him mom and to the children to watch the movie version and write the paper himself. Casey says it's good for the children.

The next morning, Beaver picks up the phone and talks to his mom. He hangs up when he sees the blond head next to him. It's Katherine. She calls him by his real name, Walter. She's glad that she came back last night.

She read his paper after he fell asleep. It's a C minus work at best. He thinks she's trying to seduce him again. It's working. She hears it's even better the second time. He loves his life.