Hidden Greek Island Gems

In spite of everything we know about Greece, we still do not know exactly how many islands there are surrounding the European country. Estimates are between 800 and 7,000, and even though there are some really famous and popular islands which make up a lot of the stereotypical holidays and thriving tourism industries, there are some hidden gems in the Greek isles. With impressive scenery and very hot summers, as well as beautiful beaches and welcoming locals, it is not hard to see Greece and its Islands are really popular with holiday makers, but we’re going to focus on the lesser known islands for the adventurer in us all.

Skyros. Skyros is famous because according to legend, Theseus died on this island. A mixture of forestry and large rocky masses, the island has a tiny single runway airport. Only 3,000 people live here so if you visit don't expect a huge range of tourist attractions, and it might be useful if you can speak a bit of the language before you head here.

Gavdos. Gavdos is the farthest south island in Europe, so it is probably the hottest (nearest to the equator) of all Greek Islands. Described by most as going back 60 years in the past, Gavdos does not have a reputation for being easy to reach, with only a few boats going to the island each day. This does mean that it is a peaceful place, however there are still some of the usual things you would expect such as restaurants, shops and bars. Most go out to Gavdos for a day trip or a half day visit, where they experience some of the most amazing beaches in Europe before they go back to a more typical holiday destination.

Santorini. Known around the world for its wine, Santorini is a tiny island with a perimeter of just 36 miles. It can be found 60 miles away from the island of Crete, and is surrounded by volcanoes which mean it has a lot of natural beauty. Santorini does have an international airport, so it is quite easy to reach. Keep an eye out for settlements on the island, which are 290 feet up on a cliff top looking down on an amazing crescent-like shoreline.

Hydra. Again made up of a crescent shape, this time in the form of harbour, this island has not a lot else, but it is inhabited and more simple to reach than many of the other isles, it caters to tourists and even welcomes them with a lot of shops and eateries in spite of its small population of about 3,000 people.

As well as these, there are probably thousands of other Greek Isles coming in shapes and sizes, some of which have a lot of people on them, some of which haven't seen a person on them in years, one of the main reasons Greece is full of mythology and legend not to mention being absolutely stunning, these islands are there for you to explore.