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Greek is a television show that takes place at the fictional college of Cyprus-Rhodes University. The show revolves around a handfull of characters all within the Greek system. The two main fraternities in the show are Kappa Tau Gamma and Omega Chi Delta. The sorority featured in the show is the fictional Zeta Beta Zeta.

Most episodes of the show have very humorous situations that occur. The sho0w Greek is also very dramatic at times. Sometimes I feel as if I am watching a soap opera. Overall the show blends the humor and drama seamlessly together for a fun viewing experience.

The first 2 seasons of the show Greek are available to watch online for free at Hulu.

The first episode of the show Greek involves the central character named Rusty who arrives as a semi-nerdy freshman. His older sister is a popular girl in the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority but she never mentioned to anyone she had a brother.

Rust decides he wants to pledge a fraternity and Casey tries to get him not too.

The show Greek offers many sub plots. One of my favorite is the gay story lines. In one episode the Omega Chi Delta fraternity finds put one of their pledges his gay. Most of the brothers are not happy about it. In the same episode one of the guys in Kappa Tau Gamma tells his brothers that he is gay and the way they react is priceless. Kappa Tau Gamma sees it as no big deal but the other fraternity has the brothers struggling with it.

Kappa Tau Gamma is the fun party fraternity. Drinking beer and slacking but at their core they are a bunch of great guys. Their arch enemy is the Omega Chi Delta fraternity which are richer students who are more inclined to get ahead in life.

The story lines in Greek are usually fun to watch and sometimes heart warming. Other times I want to punch Casey in her face for her stupid actions.

The show Greek is very worthwhile to watch but I suggest you start with the very first episode on Hulu and watch all the episodes chronologically.

In Closing

Watch the first two episodes on Hulu. If this is your kind of show you will get hooked.