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Greek yogurt is something that you may be seeing more and more of on the shelves of your local grocery store. Many people prefer it over regular yogurt because of it's rich, creamy texture. Others are reluctant to try it because they are untrusting of anything new. In this article, I will compare Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt and discuss the differences as I see them. Keep in mind, much of this is my personal opinion!

Making Yogurt
Greek yogurt is made differently than regular yogurt. You'll probably notice when you open a container of regular yogurt that there may be some watery stuff sitting on top of the yogurt. This stuff is whey. When it's made, the whey is filtered out so that when you open a container of it, there is usually no watery stuff to deal with. Basic yogurt is usually watery all the way through. Greek yogurt is not watery. Its consistency is similar to sour cream or whipped cream.

Taste Differences
When comparing Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, you'll notice that Greek is much creamier than regular. When mixed with fruit or honey, it actually tastes more like a dessert than something that's good for you. Don't get me wrong, I've had some regular yogurt that tastes pretty good, too. However, I can't stomach unflavored regular yogurt. The Greek type tastes good whether anything is added to it or not, at least, in my opinion.

Greek yogurt isn't as easy to find as regular yogurt. It is becoming popular, but not every chain grocery store has caught onto the trend just yet. If your local grocery doesn't have it, check out Trader Joe's. They are known for having lots of different foods that are outside of the "norm." It's also a good idea to ask whomever orders the food at your supermarket to stock it. If they know you'll buy it, there's a good chance they'll get it.


Regular yogurt is typically lower in calories and fat than Greek. However, Greek yogurt is a better source of protein that regular yogurt. Even though Greek yogurt is higher calorie, the amount is still not that bad. One small-sized container likely won't have much more than 120 to 130 calories as long as you opt for the 2% rather than the kind made with whole milk. It's also gluten-free!

When comparing the prices of Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, regular yogurt comes out the winner here. It's a good bit cheaper than the Greek variety. If you learn to be careful about grocery shopping and use coupons properly, you might still be able to come out the winning end and catch it when it's on sale in addition to having a coupon.

Notable Brands

Fage is the best brand of Greek yogurt I have tasted. I've also tried the Choibani, Stoneyfield, and Dannon varieties. They're all good, but Fage just has the best taste and texture. As far as regular yogurt goes, I like Dannon, Yoplait, and Stoneyfield.

Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

I guess it's clear how I feel from what I've said. The Greek variety wins hands down. Don't get me wrong, I still buy regular yogurt, and I'm sure I always will. However, this stuff is one of my new favorites. I'm so glad I discovered it!