There comes a time in every girl’s life when she just needs a martini, and I like ‘em extra dry and eco-chic. Thankfully, three companies are doing their part to make sure girls like me can sip on our appletinis with the assurance that they really are green.

Square One Vodka gives you what nature intended - pure vodka.Credit: Square One VodkaCredit: Square One Vodka

1. Square One

    This all-American, all-organic brand of vodka is smooth, delicious and so eco-friendly it might make other companies green just out of jealousy. Square One boasts ingredients of such high-quality and purity that it is only distilled once, unlike other brands which are triple or quadruple distilled[442]. The Square One bottles are also unique from other brands’ because they are not frosted (apparently a process that involves many chemicals) and features an easy-to-peel-off label printed on sustainable paper[442]. Square One also makes use of their by-products by selling them to an organic dairy farm nearby[442]. That’s right: drink this vodka, feed a cow.

360 Vodka will turn your expectations of green vodka upside-down.Credit: 360 VodkaCredit: 360 Vodka

2. 360 Vodka

    I love this brand’s bottles. The 360 Vodka bottles are reusable and recyclable; they come with a “swing-top cap” so you can reuse the bottle, or mail it back for reuse if you decide to recycle the bottle[443]. What’s more, for every bottle top it receives, the company donates $1 to Global Green USA[443]. As if their bottle wasn’t eco-friendly enough, however, 360 Vodka also uses biodiesel fuel to power its equipment and vehicles, and buys renewable energy certificates to offset their emissions[443]. While they may have a long way to go in their green initiatives, you can still raise your green-tini to this company.

The colour of the bottle isn't the only thing green about Absolut.Credit: Absolut VodkaCredit: Absolut Vodka

3. Absolut

    Since the early 2000s, Absolut Vodka has been quietly working to become one of the earth’s best allies in the bar. Although their green initiatives are far more subtle than their advertising campaigns, they are just as powerful. Since 2004, Absolut has cut its water usage in half, started its Global Cooling campaign in 2008, and has been working hard every year to further reduce its emissions until the company has gone beyond carbon neutrality[444]. Their campaign efforts seem to have cooled, but hopefully that doesn’t mean their environmental efforts have too.