A couple of year ago I did not know that there was a crystal called green amethyst. It came as a surprise to me to know of amethyst of green color. The normal association when we talk about amethyst is a beautiful transparent or translucent purple semi precious stone. Nowadays it seems as if everybody is talking, over and over, about some green amethysts jewelry items that they have got in their collections.

To be honest, what is now happening with this stone is exactly the same what happened a couple of decades ago with tanzanite. The name tanzanite was aggressively promoted by some clever marketers in the jewelry production industry, but the stone was no different than the well known mineral zoisite - only the name zoisite was kind of ugly. This clever trick enabled promoting a seemingly completely novel crystal of gemstone quality with blue-lavender color. In the similar way, green amethyst is nothing else but artificially dyed amethyst. Namely, if you take purple amethyst and heat it or manipulate it in some other way the color you will get is in most cases yellow, but in some instances, and with some particular specimens, it might turn green. The gemology of green amethyst is clear about this. In this sense, the proper name would be greened amethyst, to indicate the process of production. We see that in most cases this gemstone is man made, much in the same way as blue topaz. This said, one should be aware that indeed there are genuine green silica crystals sometimes found in Nature. We call them prasiolite, and prasiolite is rather rare mineral.

Many jewelry sellers may not be aware of the difference, especially if the gemstones they are trying to sell was previously sold to him as green amethyst. Many buyers might think they are acquiring rare and valuable gems. They are, actually, acquiring a heat-treated amethyst. Due to the above, the cost of green amethyst can be a great deal irregular. Lately, the markets have been flooded with some cheap irradiated green quartz gemstones as well as with some colored amethysts. It is not so easy to give advice when it comes to buying green amethyst jewelry. Even for the experts it can be a no easy task to distinguish genuine from man made green amethysts. You should in any case consider the gemstone clarity, cut, weight and setting. The price in certainly high in the case of unusual, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces or outstandingly cut stones or gemstones with a particularly beautiful color. Also, always compare prices and there is a good chance to find jewelry items with green amethyst comparable in price with those produced from purple amethyst.

The honest jewelers will tell you if the gemstone you are considering for buying has been previously treated in any way. Some treatments require special care and, naturally, affect the price of the crystals. The final decision is up to you as well as the price you are willing to pay. Very often if you feel attracted to some beautiful green amethyst gemstones embedded in a ring, to green amethyst earrings, necklace, bracelet or another piece of jewelry, that is the right choice for you.