If you have ever thought about it, moving does create a lot of waste. Think about all the stuff that your packing into cardboard boxes. And after the move you probably will end up trashing all of the boxes. This will also include any bubble wrap and paper that you use to pack your personal belongings. If you rented a truck, you didn't do the environment any favors when you drove the gas guzzler around town.

But remember , this doesn't have to occur. Here are a few tips that will help you move the green ways. Its more environmentally friendly and it will make you feel better too.

Maybe you have thought about using old boxes that a friend used, or you picked up an old box from behind a department store. But is it really worth it if the boxes fell apart during your move and wrecked your stuff. Have you thought about finding companies that will offer you crates that are reusable.

Crates like these are usually composed out of plastic. Although this may not be the perfect situation, you can reuse these multiple times. Its much easier on the environment. There are also some crates that are made out of plastic bottles too.

These types of companies will also drop off these plastic crates right before you move, and they will also pick them up after your done. So there is no waste created at all.

Bubble wrap isn't the only type of wrapping available. Try using old newspaper to protect your personal items (but don't wrap them individually, this could smudge them). Other great options might be older sheets or towels that you don't use. And although this might not be the best use of these items, it does go a long way to cutting back on wasteful items.

But you don't have to go totally overboard. If you need bubble wrap to take care of some expensive items, do so.