Green cleaning is all about safe cleaning. But, if you still want that germ free clean should you use an Eco Disinfectant?

Eco Disinfectant is a surprisingly controversial subject. The really green brigade would rather we let some of the bacteria around us be. After all those bacteria build up our immune systems, stop us developing childhood allergies and asthma, and are quite simply part of the natural order of things.

But, for those more conservative in their approach to house-keeping, a traditional reliance of bleaches and other 'germ killers' has led to a desire to keep all bacteria most definitely at bay. With more an more of us switching to greener cleaning, this means there is a growing demand for Eco Cleaners with disinfectant power. We might want to do less harm to the environment but we still want the same clinical clean for our homes.

Personally, it makes sense to move away from the mentality that all germs are bad. For a start it simply is not true, and secondly anything that can destroy all known germs is not going to be the safest product to have at home. Plus, it is true that the only way to build up a resistance to certain organisms is to come into contact with them to some degree. I would never advocate keeping a home dirty, or indeed letting germs and bacteria take over, but there is a middle road. Simple Eco Cleaners such as soap, salt and vinegar are anti-bacterial. For most homes and families these will serve perfectly well as an Eco Disinfectant.

Where germs really could pose a threat, such as when a member of the family has a weakened immune system, then of course stronger products are called for. The Simple Green range produce a tough green antibacterial cleaner. It is not without consequence for the environment, but it is far safer to use, produce and dispose of than more traditional products such as conventional bleach.

No disinfectant can be completely green as they have to be toxic to something to work. That toxicity will stay with them when you flush them away, and continue working in the water supply or at the landfill site. Remember the milder the product, the better for both you and the planet in the long run.

When considering using an Eco Disinfectant decide firstly how necessary it is. Does your family have to annihilate every organism in the home due to health issues, or would a spot of vinegar to keep bacteria down to a safe level be adequate? If you are fit and healthy and living in a regularly cleaned home you really should not need to be spending so much of your money, and the earth's resources on antibacterial products that are so strong.