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Green coffee bean extract is one of today’s most popular supplements. This is not surprising since it was featured in “The Dr. Oz Show”. But, before we jump into conclusions and start purchasing this specific weight loss supplement, one should know and understand everything about this product first. Having said that, in this article you will read about all the important facts you need to know about this popular supplement.

Product description

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Since green coffee extract supplements are mostly made from raw and unroasted beans of coffee, most of its natural components are still intact. One in particular is cholinergic acid.  This specific constituent is the main reason for its potential to aid in weight loss. How? I will further discuss how one can lose weight with green coffee extract in the next part of this article.

Aside from cholinergic acid, another important component of this supplement is caffeine. However, compared to regular coffee products, it has been shown that this product has lesser caffeine contents about 80% less. To be precise, upon various tests, several brands of green coffee bean supplements were found to have an average of 23 to 40 mg of caffeine. Nonetheless, according to a lot of experts, it is still best to buy those products labeled as “decaffeinated” especially when you are sensitive to caffeine. This is primarily because most of these products have an average content of 8 mg caffeine or even less. 

Weight loss effects

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In my article entitled “How Drinking Brewed Coffee can Aid in Losing Weight,” it was concisely explained that coffee has three primary mechanism of action that bring forth its slimming effects. These effects are: to decrease appetite, increases metabolism and to eliminate water weight. How is this relevant to the main topic? Basically, coffee and its “green” counterpart will have the same effects since both contain caffeine and cholinergic acid. But, the strength of these effects will vary.

As mentioned earlier, green coffee extract has high concentrations of cholinergic acid. Because of that, it can significantly increase your metabolism higher than the effects of your regular black beverage. To explain further, this specific compound aids in weight loss in two ways. The first is by boosting your metabolism or the “fat burning process” in your liver. The second is by preventing your body to release glucose. If these two actions are combined, the result is slower fat absorption thereby avoiding weight gain.

What about its diuretic and appetite suppressant effects? Both these effects are due to caffeine. For that reason, you may or may not experience both these effects depending on the product's caffeine content, but in minimal strength. It was even noted that this supplement has no diuretic effects. 

Other benefits of green coffee extract

Aside from its weight loss benefits, green coffee bean extract has other health benefits. It can also be a good source of antioxidants. Remember, cholinergic acid is also known as a potent antioxidant. Hence, it has a potential to prevent premature aging and cancer. Aside from that, in a published study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), it was evidently concluded that this supplement has the potential to lower blood pressure in patients who are suffering from mild hypertension. Lastly, there are also other studies associating this supplement to prevent infections, Alzheimer’s diseases and type-2 diabetes. However, there are not enough evidences that can support or strengthen these claims. 

Is green coffee bean extract safe and effective?

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Is green coffee bean extract safe for daily use? As far as clinical trials are concerned, there are no major side-effects when taking this supplement. But, keep in mind that there are adverse reactions linked to this product. Most of these negative reactions are due to its caffeine content. Hence; one may experience nervous tensions, GI tract problems, insomnia, headache and palpitations when taking this product. In addition to that; people who have hypertension, glaucoma, bleeding disorder and osteoporosis should avoid this product. Along with that, this product is also prohibited for pregnant and nursing mothers. You can consult your physician for further information about its contraindications. This is highly recommended when you have an underlying medical condition.

As for its effectiveness, theoretically, this supplement has the potential to give slimming effects. However, most clinical trials done about this product are either funded by the manufacturer or  given to a small group. Therefore, results may either be bias or insufficient. Having said that, for you to get tremendous results, you have to apply the right weight loss approach. Wherein both diet and fitness activities are also taken into consideration. Finally, the product's quality also plays a vital role in its safety and effectiveness. 

Choosing the right brand

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Quality is very important when it comes to supplements. As you know, most supplement manufacturers are not fully monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. For that reason, it is up to consumers to choose the best brand or manufacturer. How? Here is a brief guide you can follow.

When choosing the right brand, always check the label. First, opt for products that contain at least 45% of the active ingredient, which is cholinergic acid (CGA). Second, is to avoid fillers such as Carbonite and Sulfate compounds. These ingredients will not give any benefits. Instead, it will lower the effectiveness of the product. Third, is to buy those that have added active ingredients like raspberry ketone, green tea and African Mango. However, be reminded that this may also give added minor side-effects.

Finally, when purchasing any supplements, always check customer feedback or reviews. Don’t just buy products that are available and affordable. You should only opt for a highly recommended product like Svetol®. This is the specific brand that Dr. Oz recommends.