Green Superheroes

Throughout the universe there are superheroes of every make, shape, size and color but green heroes are my especial favorites. Both DC Comics and Marvel Universe have well known superpowered heroes like Batman and Captain America but the lesser known green super beings need to be recognized too. They are not green because of immaturity because the three superheroes featured in the article have a combined age of 175 years.

They are not an 'enviroment friendly' green either. They are not Irish nor are they even envious of Spider-Man and company at Marvel, they are simply colored green and that is one of the reasons why we like them.

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DC Comics favorites in green

Green Superheroes from DC Comics

The two pictured together have been around a long time and rather surprisingly they are old now even though they dont look like they are more than 25 or 30 years old. Green Lantern is gone 50 and, incredibly, green arrow is in his 70s. However, they are well known as they have been featured in movies and in numerous comic book issues. They are good friends and are do-gooders and both comic book heroes are members of the Justice League of America.

Green Lantern 

Hal Jordan first appeared in a comic book in 1959 as the owner of a strange ring which enables him to fly. The ring gives off a beam of light so intense that it can fire bursts of energy; or solidify objects, it even allows him to teleport. Of course, he has a weakness, as do all the superheroes and it is that the ring is vulnerable to the color yellow and it has to be recharged every day. Supervillains are quick to take advantage of this fact, but he can overcome or accept his weakness and usually prevails. So, beware the power of Green Lantern's light.

Justice League The Green Lantern

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Green Arrow

Now in his 70s the character of Oliver Queen first arrived on the comic book scene in 1941 when he was washed up on a island. He used his survival skills to exist and became proficient with his trademark bow and arrow. When he returned to his previous wealthy life he discovered that he liked living on the edge so he spent a vast fortune developing sophisticated arrows which he used in his fight against crime. His had several romantic interludes with a lady superhero called Black Canary but his eye was one to wander (unlike his deadly accurate arrows) and the relationship failed.

Green Arrow Action Figure

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Marvelous Incredible Hulk

The Hulk from Marvel Universe of Superheroes

Not to be outdone by their DC Universe rivals, Marvel Comics introduced their own green superhero who is now also 50-plus years of age. The Hulk, also known as The Incredible Hulk appeared in issue 1 of the Marvel comic in 1962. Doctor Bruce Banner, a mild tempered scientist, suffers from the effect of the Gamma bomb he designed and he transforms into the enraged monster called the Hulk when he is angered. The angrier he gets the stronger the Hulk becomes. his most recent movie performance is in The Avengers (2012).

He has appeared in various shades throughout the last 50 years but, predominantly, he is green and it is this color that most fans would associate with him.  Such is the popularity of this Marvel character that a US postage stamp was issued featuring him. His fellow Marvel Universe superheroes were also portrayed by the USPS. The DC Comics superheroes were also honored by the US postal authority and these stamp sets are very desirable as collector items for comic book fans and philatelists alike.

The Green Hornet Movie