21st Century Breakdown


• Same unique Green Day sound, but with a really catchy, refreshing new twist.

• Many songs/long running time (the more music, the better!).


• Similar to American Idiot, but is definitely still worth buying.

• Should have chosen different songs as their singles to better showcase the band's growth since American Idiot.

Full Review

The last time we heard a peep from punk band, Green Day, was when they released their previous, "politically-charged" album (as many have called it) American Idiot in back in 2004.

After nearly 5 years, they've just recently released their new, highly-anticipated album, 21st Century Breakdown on May 15, 2009. So a thought that might be on the minds of every Green Day fan out there who hasn't heard Breakdown yet is: Is the new album any good?

Before Breakdown's release, I heard one of their singles, Know Your Enemy, which honestly made me feel a little disappointed. The song sounded very much like the material from American Idiot-would the rest of the album sound the same? Don't get me wrong, I love American Idiot-it's just that they've always reinvented themselves with each album-I was hoping they'd create their own new style all over again; something fresh for us fans to be shocked in awe over (again). I was excited and curious to see what they'd come up with this time. They've never failed to surprise me, however, I wasn't too certain whether or not they'd really surprise me this time..

On the day of Breakdown's release, I went out and got myself a copy as soon as possible. It was somewhat hard to contain my excitement-I really wanted to know what this album was going to sound like!

Well, I'm very happy to say that I believe they've done it again! Breakdown is awesome! I almost feel ashamed that I ever doubted them (sorry, Green Day!) for one second. I judged way too soon, that's for sure. I blame it on the singles that were chosen-I don't think they showcase Green Day's growth from American Idiot to present day as well as other songs on Breakdown easily could have. Breakdown has the same "rock opera" idea going on like in American Idiot (see complete track listing below), though Breakdown is in a category all its own.

Breakdown is very much like every other Green Day album, but with a catchy, refreshing new twist. Throughout the band's career, they've changed their style many times, yet still kept that distinct sound that makes them uniquely them. This they did with Breakdown, but in my opinion, they really took it up a notch this time. They tried new ideas, really mixed it up, and it paid off!

Complete Track Listing:

1) Song of the Century
Act I: Heroes and Cons
2) 21st Century Breakdown
3) Know Your Enemy
4) Viva la Gloria!
5) Before the Lobotomy
6) Christian's Inferno
7) Last Night On Earth

Act II: Charlatans and Saints
8) East Jesus Nowhere
9) Peacemaker
10) Last of the American Girls
11) Murder City
12) Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)
13) Restless Heart Syndrome

Act III: Horseshoes and Handgrenades
14) Horseshoes and Handgrenades
15) The Static Age
16) 21 Guns
17) American Eulogy
A) Mass Hysteria
B) Modern World
18) See the Light

Positive song names, I know. Haha, just kidding! The album is really great. My favorite song is East Jesus Nowhere.

In Closing

Overall, Breakdown is a great album, in my opinion, and I highly recommend buying it. Viva la Green Day is what I say! Happy listening, everyone!