Tired of all the downfalls of real down comforters? I was, too. Sure they are incredibly warm and comfortable, but the down feather quills always seemed to poke out and the comforter itself was lumpy as result of the feathers eventually separating. Not to mention I think I was allergic to the stuff. Plus they're expensive.

When I decided to upgrade my bedding this year, I decided that I'd be going for a green comforter. I really considered buying another down one, but took the advice of a friend of mine and chose a green down alternative comforter instead.

It was the best decision I've ever made. Not only does it look great in my bedroom, but it's just as warm and comfortable as a real down one - but without the clunky feathers. I should also mention that I'm not waking up with sinus pressure nor am I sneezing any more. The hypoallergenic properties really came through. And let's not forget cost, especially as it relates to the "Alternative Down Comforter vs Down Comforter" debate: The alternative costs considerably less that the real thing.

Green Down Alternative Comforter Comparison

You shouldn't have any trouble finding a plethora of green alternative down comforters at any home store, department store or even online at places like Amazon (Note: You can usually find much better prices at Amazon than you will anywhere else, but that's up to you). The point is that there are several different alternative down comforter styles to choose from. Here are just a few:

Premier Comfort Softspun Green Down Alternative ComforterSolid Green Down Alternative Comforters

Want a strong splash of one single color on your bed? Then I'd go with a one-tone comforter rather than one that utilizes different textures to create a multicolored look. A great example of this is the Premier Comfort Softspun Alternative Down Comforter shown in the photo to the right. Of course this is just one example, you can find just about any shade of green.

I personally like how this subtle green blends well with an otherwise neutral bedroom theme. You'll notice the black headboard, grey wall paint and white window frames - but look how that comforter really adds an element of punch without overdoing it.

Cozy Comfort Green Pink Reversible Alternative Down ComforterReversible Comforters

Can't decide on one color? Maybe a reversible alternative down comforter is your best choice. These come with two different colors on each side, so it's like buying two for the price of one. You can go super extreme, like the Cozy Comfort bright green and hot pink reversible alternative down comforter shown to the right, or go for subtler tones, such as those offered by the Blue Ridge comforter shown in the photo directly underneath it.

Blue Ridge Down Alternative Comforter Green ReversibleOf course you don't need to reverse your comforter to get the most out of a reversible one. Many designers actually like the contrasting hues to build an entire sheet and bedding set that flows from one color to the other. Just look at how the darker green of the Blue Ridge comforter blends into the lighter green, and then finally into the pure white sheets and pillows. It creates a really inviting, comfortable feeling, especially when combined with the warmer tones of the room.

Personally, I'm not sold on the crazy extreme colors of the Cozy Comfort comforter, but that's just because it wouldn't fit my design style. It might be perfect for your bedroom. I do admit that it looks pretty darned good in the photo above. So if your bedroom reflects a similar style, then the extreme colors of the Cozy Comfort green alternative down comforter could be a perfect choice.

Green Alternative Down Comforters With Damask Stripes

Damask stripes look great in the right circumstances, and if you're wanting your bed set to include that, then you're in luck, because you can find a down alternative comforter with them. You'll notice that some feature green damask stripes on an otherwise different colored surface, or even a different colored damask stripe against a green surface. Still others might use different tones of green to create a green-on-green down alternative comforter look.


Every size. If you have a bed, you'll have no problem finding one of these green comforters to fit it.

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Some people prefer to "buy up a size." For instance, they'll buy a king size comforter for their queen size bed. It's actually very common, but is a matter of personal preference. This seems to be most common for folks who have very deep mattresses and box springs, where the same sized comforter might not stretch to cover the bottom of the bed frame.

Bedding Sets With Alternative Down Green Comforters

Home Essence Chadwick Green Down Alternative ComforterYou can buy comforters with matching sheets and pillow cases, and sometimes even bed shams, together in one kit. You may have heard this called a "bed in a box" because it has everything you'll need to outfit your entire bedding design. The bed set in the photo to the right is a bedding set offered by Home Essence (the Chadwick edition).

There are a number of reasons why this is such a popular route. Here are just a few:

Save Money

Buying a bedding set is kind of like buying in bulk. Often times you could spend two or three times as much buying all the pieces separately.

Ensure A Match

Bedding sets will match, from a color perspective. Finding a perfect match amongst brands is difficult, if not impossible. This is especially true if you're shopping on the Internet, because the photos might not accurately represent an item's true color.

Other Considerations

Before you go put "buy green down alternative comforter" on your to-do list, keep the following things in mind:

Washing and Care

Is the comforter you're about to buy machine washable? If not, be prepared to spend upwards of $20 at a dry cleaners. Even if you can toss it in the washing machine, is your washer have a big enough capacity to handle it? If you've got a large bed, such as a king or California king, you'll have trouble fitting a comforter in even the biggest household washer. Also, can you tumble dry the product? Even if you can, will it fit in your dryer?

Thread Count & Cotton Types

The quality of materials will greatly affect any comforters coziness and durability. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the comforter. Speaking of which, if creature comfort is your main criteria, look for Egyptian Cotton Down Alternative Comforters. Egyptian cotton is widely considered one of the premier thread types, and materials made from it are soft and luxurious.

Discount Prices And Comparisons

You wouldn't buy the very first car you looked at on a car lot, would you? No way, you'd try out several and see which one you liked best. I'd highly recommend doing the same when it comes to bedding. Shop around and see what you can find.

That's why I like shopping at Amazon so much. They've got plenty of green down alternative comforters at discount prices, so you can shop around, check out the pictures and even read reviews from actual customers before you buy.