Green Energy Suppliers in the UK

Choosing a Green Energy Supplier

As a direct result of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and turn to environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable sources, there are now some energy supply companies that supply only energy generated from green sources. If you are keen to find out more about them and are keen for switching information to help you change to a green company, then please read on.

How Do I Switch to a Green Energy Company?

The easiest way to change supplier whatever your requirements is to use a switching website to view details about and compare the companies, and then use the facilities on the website to switch supplier. If you are particularly interested in using a green supplier then independent energy comparison site lists three of them.

Green Tariff

You will notice that most of the supply companies listed offer a green tariff. Please be aware that although a step towards green power, in most cases the tariff merely contributes towards the development of green sources but may not actually supply energy generated from them. The purest way to obtain green energy is to switch to supplier that only sources supply generated by green technologies.

The Three Green Companies

  1. Ecotricity
  2. Good Energy
  3. Green Energy UK

Ecotricity is a company that was established in 1996 as an ethical company formed not to make profit, but to promote the development of green technology and supply energy derived from green sources. In 1997 they had one windmill and were supplying energy to the equivalent of 217 homes and by 2011 they had installed 51 windmills and supplied energy to the equivalent of 29529 homes. They use their customer’s energy bills to fund investment in green technology and sources. The more customers that sign up with them the more money goes into green energy. Some of the energy they supply is generated from nuclear sources but they have been reducing the level year on year. Other projects include generating gas from household waste and feeding it into the grid, developing an electronic highway network of electric car recharging stations and even developing an electronic car.

Green Energy UK is a company that supplies power sourced only from non-nuclear renewable energy sources and green sources. They offer two simple and transparent tariffs that compete with the standard tariffs from the big suppliers. Theirs is derived from wind, solar and hydro sources as well as biomass and agricultural by-products. With a commitment to excellence in customer service and offers of free shares in the company to customers this could well be the right choice for you.

Good Energy. This is a company that has been around for over a decade and come top in the Which customer satisfaction survey for the last three years. They only supply power from renewable and sustainable sources. Their main tariff is fully certified by The Green Energy Supply Commission, which means that it has been verified as energy generated by organic renewable sources. Their focus is on developing and supporting innovative new technologies that reduce the rate of climate change.

If you are considering an switch to any of these companies as part of a move to reduce your carbon footprint, then you are able to do so immediately online via an energy comparison site. In less than an hour you could be reducing your household carbon footprint by up to 30% just by switching.

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