Green Eyes Makeup – Eye Makeup Tips

Green eyes makeup

Eye color depends on the amount of melanin in the skin and green eyes have little melanin in the iris and can vary from a very light green to vivid emerald green. Green eyes are the least common of all eye colors so feel lucky if you have this stunning color yourself. For women, wearing certain makeup can help to enhance the color green and make them pop to stand out and be noticed with a few simple tips you can use every day.


Daily skincare before makeup application is important for the best results:


Always start with a freshly cleaned face to remove all dirt, oils and makeup to get the best makeup application and results. Use natural cleansing products that clean thoroughly without stripping natural moisture from the skin, follow with a toner to return the ph to normal and to prepare the skin for moisturizer and end with a moisturizer suited to your particular skin type. Using a daily eye cream or gel will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin for the best makeup application.

Follow your daily skincare regime with a foundation that smoothes the texture of the skin and creates a canvas to apply makeup as well as reduces the chances of your eye shadow colors creating lines in the eyes or dissolving as the day wears on. You want your eye makeup to last all day and these tips will help you to achieve that look to take you from the office to an evening event with very little touch up required.


Green Eyes Makeup – Makeup Tips:

Eye makeup tips


Use professional makeup brushes to get the best results in applying and blending makeup and always keep makeup brushes clean and dry to avoid infections in the eyes. Professional makeup brushes will hold the colors better and allow a smooth and seamless blending of colors due to their natural and soft bristles.


Green is a warm color and choosing other warm colors to coordinate for eye makeup will provide the best appearance to green eyes enhancing them and helping them to pop and be noticed. Warm colors are mustard and gold colors, olives and muted greens, peach, coral, earthy browns and orange to orangey reds.


Choose three eye shadow colors to apply to the eyes – a dark color, medium and light shade. Powder shadow will crease in the eyes less likely than cream shadow and use caution if over age 40 of using glittery shadows as these tend to lay in lines and wrinkles. Younger girls and women look great in all the glittery and shimmer shadows available. Always choose pure and natural makeup without chemicals which will age the skin much sooner that nourishing products will.


Use an eye shadow brush and apply a small amount of the darkest of all three chosen colors on the upper eye lid just before the crease. Apply this dark color evenly and avoid a line being seen by blending several times to remove any noticeable lines.


Brush off the shadow brush in a cotton towel and apply the medium color chosen into the crease. Take time to gently blend this color into the top line area of the first shade. Make several strokes with the shadow brush to thoroughly blend. Add more if needed.


Use the third and lightest shadow to highlight the eye brow area and apply just below the brow and gently into the second eye shade to avoid any lines of demarcation.


Take a small amount of the second and medium color and apply just under the eye along the outer edge of the lash line and not inside. Gently blend with a blending brush so that approximately one third of the under area has color added.


Use a brown or brownish black liner along the upper and lower eye area just above and below the eyelashes and not inside the eyes. Blend the liner with a blending brush to avoid a stark line.


Apply one to two coats of brown or brownish black mascara to the upper and lower lashes to the thickness and length that you desire.


Finish your makeup with a light coral or peach blush and finishing powder all over the face to set the makeup to last all day and evening. Wear your favorite lip gloss or lipstick in coral, orange or reddish orange with or without a lip liner. The lighter the lip color, the more that your green makeup will stand out.


Practice using these green eyes makeup tips daily and vary the colors that you use for variety, keeping the same tips in use each time. You'll soon be able to do your eye makeup easily and quickly and know which colors look the best on you.


To enhance green eyes makeup even further, add a green scarf, blouse or sweater or jewelry. Wearing coordinating colors that suit your particular shade will add another punch of color to make you and your entire face look your best.


Fun tutorial video to help with makeup tips

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