Green Investment Bank

Finding an all encompassing option for investing in the green energy revolution can be quite difficult. If you're not comfortable dealing with investments you can find a green investment firm. The problem with the green sector is that the investment quadrant of it has not fully matured. The United Kingdom's government has taken a large step to organizing the green revolution investment sector by investing $1 billion dollars in a green investment bank.

It will be very hard for you to find a bank that people would call green. If what you are worried about is your capital sitting in your bank account and the interest off of it being used for non-environmentally friendly investments than what you may need is an investing adviser that specializes in socially responsible investing. Look in your local Yellow Pages in the investment adviser section. If you cannot find a socially responsible investing adviser, the try Google. If you cannot find an adviser to Google in your local area try joining an investment newsletter that deals with green investments.

Until banks and investment firms fully grasp the large capital that people are willing to place into green investments there will not be any green investment banks. The best way for you to grow your savings using a green approach is by diversifying into green technology exchange traded funds.

There are many different green exchange traded funds to pick from so I urge you to contact an investment adviser that specializes in exchange traded funds. When choosing green investments make sure that you're not being green washed. Being green washed means being duped into believing a product is good for the environment yet when it does not. There are many companies that have green washed consumers into buying solar panels yet when the solar panels were made in factories that were powered by coal with the runoff from the chemicals spilling into rivers.

Anytime you put your money into an investment that has moral or social consequences that vibrate with you look deeply into the company you are investing in. remember that nobody is perfect including corporations, some corporations that were previously damaging the environment have now turned around.

Walmart is one of the leading energy efficient corporations out there. Even though people think of Walmart as a giant and it is not care about the environment is because it's problems are magnified because of its giant scale. Shell is another company that people don't believe is green. Even though Shell is one of the largest oil producers in the world they are responsible for most of the solar panel technologies in the world. Even oil companies understand what they are doing can be detrimental to the planet.