The green lipped mussel extract can be beneficial in many different ways. But first, let us look at what green lipped mussel means. The other name for this is Perna Canaliculus and it is generally produced commercially in the waters of New Zealand. This mussel is a nutritional sea food and houses a high level of biological activity. Moreover, it has been the staple food of the New Zealand natives for centuries now. What makes it so nutritional is the fact that it contains the ocean's natural mineral balance. This is very similar to that found in the human body.

The green lipped mussel is grown on ropes that are hung from platforms. These platforms are suspended from the surface of the ocean. Continuous monitoring of the ocean is done to make sure that it is free from pollutants and all other kinds of contamination. The nutrition for the mussels is directly obtained from the phytoplankton and the other minerals that are present in the sea water. The harvesting of the mussels is done when they are at the peak.

The portion excluding the shell is the edible one and is dried using low temperatures. It is also vacuumed in order to remove all the excess water. This not only preserves the integrity of the bioactive molecules but also ensures the stability of the activity of the many nutrients present. The dried green lipped mussel extract are made to pass the strict guidelines of the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries. Every batch of the Perna is evaluated to ensure that absence of pathogenic bacteria and other types of biohazards like heavy metals.

In the recent times, scientists revealed that the green lipped mussel extract contains large quantities of essential lipids and fatty acids. Mainly, it contains the acid called Omega 3 which is extremely important. In the earlier times, fish oil was considered as an excellent source of Omega 3. While this held true, the fact that it also contained high amounts of mercury disturbed everyone. The green lipped mussels are farmed only at accredited marine facilities. This eliminates the possibility of mercury content in them. Therefore, the extract obtained from these mussels is highly valuable.

The green lipped mussels are often known as Greenshell mussels, green lips or even Green backs. These names are nothing but the trademark bestowed upon these creatures by the New Zealand Mussel Industry Council. What is interesting is that these green lipped mussels are found only in New Zealand. Thus the supply of these mussels is really very low.

It is actually limited by the number of farms. This results in a high price drive depending on the ever growing demand. The scientific name for these animals is Perna Canaliculus. The New Zealand Mussel Industry Council has made it mandatory to have every product that is labeled as green lipped mussel extract has to be originated from Perna Canaliculus However; this Council does not specify how much of the known nutrients of the green lipped mussel extract should be contained in the product.

The main importance of these green lipped mussels is based in their omega 3 acids and lipids. As mentioned above, these animals are freeze dried as soon as they are harvested. This prevents the nutrients from oxidizing. After the freeze drying is done, the extraction of the lipids is carried out.

This is known as the green lipped mussel extract and it makes the most effective medication to help with disorders like inflammation.

There are some manufacturers who don't do this the right way. They purchase all the leftover and de-lipidated powder. This is then formed into a supplement that is labeled as green lipped mussel extract. However, this supplement contains extremely small amounts of nutrients. Many may not know this but mussels contain very high levels of iron, chondroitin sulphate and betain. All these substances are retained in the de-lipidated powder. Thus, even the less potent supplements have some health benefit.

Health professionals have claimed that omega 3 fatty acids are used for reducing inflammation. This works especially when these supplements are taken with a low diet that is very rich in vegetables, nuts and fruits. These mussels are such a rich source of Omega 3 acids that they, without doubt, cure inflammation that is caused by arthritis and any other disease that can affect the joints.

The chondroitin sulphate is another component of the green lipped mussel extract. For maximum benefit, it is administered along with glucosamine. However, it can cure osteoarthritis and other diseases that give trouble to the tissues present in joints. Some of the mussel extracts contain glucosamine added to them. This provides as effective anti inflammatory agents.

It cannot be said that the green lipped mussel extract is the relief for all types of inflammations of the joints. However, it has plenty of other nutrients which make it a necessary diet supplement for almost everyone. We take a look at the advantages this extract has against various disorders. The most commonly discussed is the inflammatory disorder.

A study was carried out on rats that were ridden with collagen induced arthritis. This disorder was cured completely with the lipoid extracts. Another research has shown that the mussel has immunomodulating agents that can affect the humoral and the cellular immunity of beings.

Mostly, there are no results showing toxicity or adverse side effects on administering these extracts. To stay on the safe side though it is recommended to discuss any supplement with your doctor before taking it. These extracts contain very high protein content. This may cause indigestion or even slight nausea. If you feel tenderness in the joints, assume that the green lipped mussel extract has started working and is feeding the tissues.

This condition is usually temporary and may continue for 3 to 10 days. Other than this, it can also cure disorders like connective tissue repair, ankylosing spondylitis, bursitis, sports related injuries, inflammatory skin conditions, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, this extract is even known to increase the motility in breeding livestock.

The green lipped mussel extract is really very beneficial and should be included in everybody's daily diet.