“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” ~David Orr

Some oHeal the EarthCredit: Authorf the things we may do to save Earth may seem very insignificant. What difference does it make to change one or a couple of bulbs to energy saving ones or save a gallon of water a day by fixing a toilet? Well, if each and every one of us takes up the responsibility, we can save millions of gallons of water and tons of energy every day.

Thinking and going green is not hard and is profitable, because it can save you much money. Let’s start with water economy. If you’ve got a leaking toilet, this means you are literally flushing down your money. If you’ve got to fix it, you as well may shop for water saving kits. These kits are not expensive. For about $25 to $40 you can get a flushing system which would save you a couple hundred dollars a year.

See, it is easy and does not require you to change your habits or train your kids to do so. Another way to save water, which is thought to be the most precious liquid (more precious than oil) in the world, is to turn it off while brushing your teeth. Yes, this one does require forming a new habit. But, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Put a note on your bathroom mirror as a reminder, and for your kids too if you have any.

Changing your driving habits is even greener and more profitable for you. If you can avoid using your car at least once a week, you can significantly cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. If you walk to a nearby store or post office instead of driving, you’ll save gas, money and improve your health. Walking or jogging is the best kind of cardio exercise. A bicycle is also another good, green and healthy option to using the car. Yes, you might spend an extra 15 minutes (maybe, because it might take you longer to find a parking lot), but you prolong your life by exercise.

For those with backyards and gardens, a useful and green habit to develop is composting. If you live in a house, you may find a small corner in your yard to compost food and paper wastes. It is not a messy thing, if you know how to go about it. There are some natural compost making components you may add to your wastes to remove the smell and to compost faster.

This way you can reduce the amount of waste and produce a great fertilizer for your flowers or kitchen garden. Compost is the best natural fertilizer for trees, vegetables and flowers. It is natural and safe. This way you can save money on buying chemical fertilizers for your garden or home plants.

Another green habit is purchasing products in recyclable packaging. Or, keeping several trash buckets to sort out different kinds of wastes. This can help you recycle them more easily.

As you can see, thinking and living green helps in saving the Earth for your kids and grandkids and helps improve the quality of your own life. Take time to develop those easy green habits and take pride in your achievements. It all starts with individuals, doing simple things and teaching the next generation to do the same by setting the example.