Do you know you can save money with a sustainable living? This is known as green money - during the last ten years we have been hearing more about global warming and the effects of pollution and contamination to the environment and as a consequence the negative results on human beings, more and more people are keen on protecting the environment for their children and grandchildren and after the recent financial crisis we are more aware of the importance of money, people are trying to save money and reduce their expenses as much as possible but without distorting their standard way of living.


Green Money

The good news is that you could save money and been more green at the same time; definitely green money is something that is attractive for many of us and it doesn’t require a lot of hard work or a big initial investment, small and simple steps is all you need to be able to save more cash. As you know electricity and gas bills are increasing by the day and it is estimated that they will go up even more, especially if we have a bad winter and although there are simple things you can do to save money on electricity with a power saving monitor, this might not be enough, there are eco-friendly solutions that will help you save even more money.

1.     Financial rewards from the government

    Money Saving Accounts and Marketing StrategyCredit: Daniel M RamirezThe introduction of financial rewards for a sustainable living has been implemented by many countries in Europe and America and slowly spreading to other parts of the world; it basically consist on providing eco-friendly equipment at very affordable prices – the money initially invested will be recovered in matter of few years or months in some cases; depending on where you live it is important to look for “reduce energy consumption plans” implemented by the local government, some of them offer very good incentives.


    2.     Eco-Friend Holiday

      Angel Falls in Venezuela, El Salto AngelWe all love a holiday and some of us travel at least two or three times a year; but have you ever heard the term Ecotourism? This is a very original and cost efficient way of traveling – you will still travel to exotic places but with the idea of providing some kind of environmental support to the place you are visiting, you could save money by camping instead of staying in a five star hotel; there are also many programs that will allow you to travel to places such as Peru and Africa and get paid for helping the local community.


      3.     Radiator Heaters

        Did you know that you could actually save a lot of money by investing in a new radiator heater and at the same time help to protect the environment? Old radiators are not as efficient and eco-friendly as the new ones and you could save as much as 27% on energy bills by automatically maintaining the optimal room temperature by clicking a button. The best place where you can buy one radiator heater is as they provide all the technical details you need and the customer reviews section will give you the answers to all the questions you might have.


        4.     Efficient Gas Central Heating

          Similar to the radiator heaters, an old gas heating system will increase your energy bills by a considerable amount. Although the gas central heating is probably the most cost efficient way to keep your house warm, it is important to check if you are being eco-friendly with your old central heating – they normally need to be changed every 15 years anyway, just remember that it is not a straight forward process but will be financially beneficial in the long term.


          5.     Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

            Almost half of the heat in your home normally escapes through the windows. A solid thermal insulated blackout curtain is the perfect solution to reduce the total household energy usage, saving money and being more eco-friendly at the same time. They also offer protection against UV rays during summer months and some of them look absolutely fantastic.