Green PotteryGreen Pottery is a very popular type of pottery. It is over a hundred and fifty years old and has an interesting history. The handcrafted pottery was made by Australian Thomas Goodwin Green. Thomas married Mary Tenniel in 1846. Green met the owner of Pottery Works, Henry Wileman, while on their honeymoon. He happened to be looking for a new profession and he decided to try to make pottery like Wileman. He purchased equipment and began producing pottery. As the pottery become more popular, he started a company called TG Green and began selling not only pottery but kitchenwares as well. He began hiring employees to make his pottery and the company grew into a handcrafted pottery empire.

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The company produced many different styles of pottery including Cornishware. Cornishware is the most popular style of pottery that Green produced. The traditional and well known blue and white stripes can be found on plates, bowls and cups. Other brands tried to copy the design but they did not offer the quality that GP is known for making. The Cornishware design was developed during the 1920's to give the lathe turners employment. TG Green is known for quality and all pottery is fire coated, dried and blue coated. When the blue coat is dry, the coat is rubbed off with a lathe. The finished pot will be white with blue strip around the rim of the pot. The pot is fired again to give the pot extra durability. It has a texture that is better than hand painted pottery.

Today, TG Green is still handmade and is made with colors other than blue. Of course, Cornishware is not the only discount pottery design they offer. They produce so many styles that there is something for everyone. The offer contemporary pots for those who like a streamlined look. They have handcrafted pottery with holiday designs for just about any holiday including Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. The older Green Pottery is perfect for collectors and people who want a traditional look. TG Green brand of contemporary pots can be found at retail stores and outlet centers. It is reasonably priced, as it is a quality pottery that will last a long time even with daily use. Since it is not hand painted pottery, the design will never come off. For durable, stylish pottery, consider purchasing TG Green pottery.