In this article I will show you that it is possible to perform chroma-keying, or as it is more commonly known, green screen using Windows Movie Maker.WMM Vista 6.0 logo



What You Need

Firstly this method involves the windows movie maker for vista (version 6.0). However if you have Windows 7 or have vista but don't have Movie Maker don't panic! Just google WMM 6.0 for Windows 7 or Vista and you will get a load of places where you can download it for free. If you already have another version of Movie Maker it won't matter, they can both be on the same computer.

Once you have downloaded the basic software you will need to get an add on. This add on can easily be found by doing a google search for I and lots of people I know have downloaded this and had it running without any problems for a long time so I am very happy that it is safe, but you should make the decision on whether to download it, or not yourself.

Just choose either the 32 or 64 bit option depending on your computer and run the setup file.

There is no need to pay the $15 registration as the Chroma-key part works even after the trial has finished. This will load lots of extra transitions and effects that have been built by Rehan so that you can perform more than what  Microsoft initially intended on WMM. 


Film Your Footage

Once you have got the basic software and the add on you will need to film your green screen scene. I am not going to explain how to do that in this article but a quick search of the internet should show you the answer.



How to Edit It

Now is the part when you get to edit, and personally this is one of the best bits of processes like this as you get to change and manipulate things to how you want them.

First you will need to open Movie Maker and import your footage of the green screen with something in front of it and whatever you want as the background. You can use a video or a photo for the background, this method works with both.

Next you need to drag the video or photo with the green screen in it down onto the timeline. Then you drag the background onto the timeline so that it is directly after the green screen footage.

Now, click on the button that says transitions and scroll down through the different transitions until you find the ones named "Rehan FX Chroma Blue" and "Rehan FX Chroma Green".

If you have filmed the footage in front of a blue screen you obviously want to pick a blue one and if you have filmed in front of green then you will need to pick a green transition. The 0.1, 0.2 etc allow you to be more specific about which shade of green you want but I have found that 0.1 works the best. I recommend that you play around with it to find whats best for you and your green screen.

Once you have selected which transition you are going to use you need to drag it down to between the two pieces of footage on the timeline.

if you play your video through now you may notice that nothing happens until the last second of your footage. To fix this click on the background footage and drag it across towards the foreground footage until the edge of the blue arrow is near the start of the timeline.

When you play your video in the preview screen the green or blue should have been replaced by the background footage!

You can now green screen for free using Windows Movie Maker!