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The leaves of the Chinese Camellia Sinensis plant go into the making of greentea. But unlike other teas, the teas of the Chinese Camellia Sinensis plant have to undergo a very minimal oxidation during the preparation of the tea. Steam or dry cooking usually does the trick and it is this less oxidation that makes it so special.

Green tea isn’t just an alternative method of healing. There have been plenty of scientific studies and researches that talk about the many health benefits of green tea. Not only do people who drink greentea regularly, have lesser risk of cancer but they can also be safe from heart diseases.

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The flavinoids present in greentea are also higher than any other type of tea – in fact it is even considerably higher than a number of fruits and vegetables in the same amount. Flavinoids have all kinds of anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Green tea also has a very low caffeine count in a prepared cup than other prepared teas and coffees. This is why you can safely have three to four cups of green tea throughout the day without worrying too much about the high caffeine content. This is also why green tea is less addictive than teas and coffee.


One of the best advantages of green tea is that it alleviates food poisoning. This is why drinking a cup of tea after you have had fast food or any other food from a source you know nothing about, is beneficial. In case there are any harmful bacteria in the food, the green tea will kill them.

Weight Loss

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While there are many companies selling off green tea as a probable weight loss product, scientific research shows that green tea doesn’t really go so far as to increase the normal metabolic rate of a person to show considerable results on its own. But studies do show that green tea does give the metabolism a significant boost which is visible when it is combined with a low calorie diet and exercise.

Side Effects and Safety


Too much consumption of green tea can lead to increased blood pressure and other related problems because of the presence of caffeine. Green tea should also be consumed with care in individuals with liver afflictions. Another important thing to remember is that green tea should not be had on an empty stomach.