Since time immemorial, the Chinese have been brewing leaves of Carmellia Sinensis for their beverage. Little did they know that the invention of green tea will later bring about many benefits to mankind. Since then, the green tea benefits spread all throughout the rest of the world. Many studies and researches were already conducted about green tea. We have heard of the green tea's many health and medicinal benefits. Several green tea-related products were also made and television commercials bluntly tell us of the good we benefit from drinking green tea. Yes, this knowledge has already been established. However, green tea EGCG information has not been fully explained for everyone to understand. This article will discuss EGCG.

Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is said to be the most effective among the antioxidant properties of the green tea. It is said to have Vitamins C and E properties. EGCG makes up about 10 to 50 percent catechin in the green tea. This content keeps the free radicals from destructing the DNA. EGCG also shields the low density lipids from being oxidized. Protection of LDL or low density lipids is important because LDL transport cholesterol around the bloodstream. When these LDL are oxidized, white blood cells tend to absorb them. When this happens, these lipids leave the cholesterol they carry to the arteries' walls. This can turn to atherosclerosis which eventually leads to heart disease and stroke. Apart from protecting the LDL, EGCG also gives off protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. You will also be safe from pollution and bacteria carried by the wind.

To make the EGCG stay longer in your system, it is suggested that you drink the green tea while consuming black pepper. Black pepper is known to contain piperine which slows down EGCG's intestinal glucuronidation. This makes the EGCG be efficiently used by the body since the body absorbs more of the EGCG than expel it out of the body through waste. If you plan to use green tea for your medications, take in black pepper with it so you can be sure that you maximize EGCG to its full potential. However, this finding was based and tested only on animal subjects.

There are more proven benefits green tea EGCG has. In 2006, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that high intake of green tea lessens human mental impairment (this includes Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease). In this same year, a separate study was also conducted to prove its healing abilities when it comes to heart diseases. In this study, it was found out that Japanese men and women who consume a minimum of 5 cups of tea daily had a 26% less risk of getting a heart disease.

Apart from those mentioned, there are more benefits green tea EGCG offer. Green tea EGCG has been famous and accepted because of the many studies and research proving its efficacy when it comes to curing several ailments. In addition to consuming green tea traditionally, tablet or capsule form is also available as daily food supplement.