My sister, like many other women, is struggling with losing weight. She's only 25 yet she's as huge as my mother who already gave birth to two girls about 25 years ago. LOL. She has tried slimming pills, hitting the gym, electrically-charged equipment that target fats, home machines and more. None of them worked though and it left her disappointed every single time. It tears me to see her lose every battle she waged. And every time she losses, her confidence level goes lower than the last time. Wait a minute! She wasn't able to try ALL weight loss methods. Green tea metabolism for weight loss was the one method she missed!

Unlike all the other methods, green tea is all natural and safe (unless you are drinking an artificial one). It cannot harm you or give out adverse effects on you. Green tea has caffeine which is known to speed up metabolism. When metabolism is sped up, the body will be able to burn up more calories and fats. The fats are then converted to energy that your body can use. This conversion of fats to energy leads to weight loss. This can be a great substitute to the coffee addicts who enjoy slurping on double-cream mochas. You get perked up minus the added calories. The great thing here is that green tea contains less caffeine than coffee so there is no risk of getting side effects from caffeine consumption.

Another thing or capability that a green tea has is that it helps in suppressing appetite. This helps you stop your cravings. This helps you burn more calories too. Studies and researches have proven it so there's nothing to worry about it.

Green tea also has catechins that stop the conversion of glucose into fat cells. This means that even when you eat a lot, your food will not be converted into that dreaded fats. The way I see it, diabetics can greatly benefit from this as it prevents blood sugar level from rising. Fats are prevented from showing too.

Now you know how green tea works. Make sure that you incorporate this in your daily meals. Drink regularly but not too much as too much can also bring about minor side effects. Anyhow, green tea has more benefits. Apart from weight loss, you can also get health and medical benefits from this wonder tea. It is known to prevent cancer cells from developing and boost immune cells. There are more benefits but I can't enumerate all of them in this article.

Green tea metabolism for weight loss is such a revelation. No doubt about it. I'll tell my sister about this so that I can help her get on with her life and on to a better shape. I hope this article will give you inspiration in your weight loss problems as well. If you have tried many weight loss techniques and haven't found anything effective then don't give up just yet. Maybe you have not tried green tea yet. who knows? It won't only be your solution to your weight loss problems but in other health issues as well.

Try it and see for yourself! Good luck in your weight loss efforts!