Green tea vitamins melt belly fat
Weight loss with green tea has been in the media for the last several years. A 2009 clinical study that showed green tea can get rid of belly fat has further increased interest in green tea. Beyond its ability to melt belly fat, green tea also has anti-cancer effects, reduce blood sugar and helps prevent heart disease.

Although the most interesting and convincing science to date centers on the ability of green tea to reduce belly fat by 45% independent of dietary habits. This fact is probably the most ground breaking discovery in weight loss to date.

However, up until recently, it was recommened that consumers hoping to achieve weight loss with green tea consume actual tea and eschew untested green tea supplements. This meant drinking up to 8 cups of green tea a day to aid weight loss efforts. That's a lot of tea and caffeine. Most people couldn't drink enough green tea to melt their belly fat. Fortunately, in late 2009 an independent consumer lab tested several different green tea supplements on the market to verify whether or not they contained the active ingredients as advertised.

For the first time, it is now possible to choose green tea vitamins with confidence. Unfortunately, only a few brands tested as advertised. Most brands contained lead or other contaminants. Some had extremely high levels of caffeine that were not listed on the product label. So it's important to buy green tea supplements from reputable companies for best results.

Here is information on two green tea vitamins that are proven via independent laboratory testing to have therapeutic levels of green tea without any heavy metal toxicity or hidden caffeine.

1.Andrew Lessman's Green Tea Vitamins contain 200 mg of EGCG the active ingredient in green tea that causes weight loss. To get rid of belly fat, take three times a day. Each pill contains just under 6 mg of caffeine making this a great choice for consumers watching their caffeine intake. However, these green tea vitamins are on the expensive side at almost $70. One option to cut costs is to stretch your vitamin supply by alternating green tea vitamins with drinking green tea.

2.Or you could try Nature's Bounty Green Tea Extract which contains 315 mg of EGCG per pill for an affordable price (under $20). However, these green tea vitamins also contain more caffeine, reported on the label at almost 50 mg per pill. Which is on the high side, but because the Nature's Bounty brand contains more EGCG than Andrew Lessman's green tea supplement, you don't need as many pills and can take just two a day. If you cut back on other sources of caffeine (i.e. switch to decaffeinated coffee) the amount of caffeine in these green tea vitamins may be acceptable.

Hopefully as green tea science continues to develop and permeate its way into common medical practice, more green tea supplements will become available at a better cost and with less caffeine. Until then, Nature's Bounty and Andrew Lessman's brand of green tea supplements are the best and most readily available products on the market.