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Acne is one of the most common complaints of every person especially teenagers when it comes to skin problems. A variety of factors such as hormone imbalance, allergy and bacterial infection can cause this skin condition. As of today, there are many treatments available. One in particular is Camellia sinensis. According to recent studies, green tea for acne has exhibited efficient results. So, what exactly does studies have to say about this skin remedy?

Green tea for acne treatment

There are actually many ways for you to use green tea for acne treatment. First, is through oral intake. You can either drink it in a form of beverage or take dietary supplements. The second is through topical application in a form of green tea moisturizer, soaps and creams. Compared to orally taken green tea, topical preparations are less effective. However, topical products are more convenient for daily use especially if you’re not a tea fanatic.

As for their side-effects, these products are natural. You may experience mild or no adverse reactions at all. Thus, using these products every day is tolerable as long as you don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage especially for green tea supplements.

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How green tea works to fight acne?

Green tea for acne primarily works through the detoxification process. This process is actually your body’s way of cleansing and eliminating toxic materials inside or outside your body. The detoxification process is also helpful in hormone regulation. Basically, acne is a product of hormone imbalance. With balanced hormone levels, you not only prevent acne from occurring, but other abnormal health conditions as well.

Green tea is also capable of relieving allergic symptoms like inflammation. It also prevents the release of histamine when taken orally. To explain further, an increase in histamine levels denotes a foreign substance is present. Thus allergic reactions occur. As you know, acne is sometime caused by an allergic reaction to food. Hence, with green tea’s ability to disrupt the histamine cycle or production, one can prevent acne outbreaks. 

How to apply green tea?

The recommended dosage of green tea for acne is up to four cups a day or two capsules a day. This is because one capsule of this supplement is equal to two cups. For that reason, be reminded that even though green tea is a herbal medicine, it also has caffeine. Overdose may result to insomnia, nervous tensions and other caffeine side-effects. If you are treating severe acne problems, don’t worry. By consuming green tea regularly, your skin problem will be gone in no time. If oral supplements or drinking tea is not your thing, you can just apply the tea bag on your skin. This is actually more preferred since it doesn’t contain chemicals like commercialized products. In doing this, just soak the tea bags in water for a few minutes, rub it on the infected area, allow it to dry and wash thoroughly.

As for green tea for acne moisturizer, soap and facial creams; you can use any these products two to three times a day. In using these products, always read and follow every instruction printed on their labels. With consistency, your skin will eventually get the smoothness you’ve been longing for. And, of course, don’t forget to practice proper skin care regimen and eat nutritious food to prevent acne re-occurrences.

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