When looking at the state of our world today, there are many areas of concern. Environmental disasters and a global financial crisis dominate the headlines. Green technology has the potential to greatly improve both of these areas. The green technology sector has the greatest potential to create jobs, and to produce the innovations required to move humanity forward.

The advancement of green technology has hit many road blocks. One great example of this was the EV-1 by GM (early 2000's). This was an electric vehicle that was efficient, affordable, stylish, and gaining popularity. There has been some debate about the exact reason that the EV-1 was pulled off the road. Many would argue that big oil and GM itself had a hand in putting an end to this project. We are now in 2010 and will be seeing many new hybrids and electric vehicles hitting the road. The production of these vehicles not only will create jobs and keep North American car companies more competitive, but as far as green technology goes are a giant leap in the right direction.

If there is one area that we need to see rapid development in green technology in more than anything, it is in our energy infrastructure. For example, a green technology such as an electric vehicle would in many cases be powered by energy created at a coal power plant. While renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, and tidal are becoming more practical, they are still expensive in comparison with current technology.

As society becomes more environmentally conscious there is a direct benefit to companies that promote green technologies, and move towards being carbon neutral. To put it plain and simple, people will want to buy their products. One great example of this is in both the US and Canada; when someone purchases products to make their home more eco-friendly, many of purchases will be subsidized by the government in the form of tax credits. Talk about a win-win. The consumer gets great value and feels good about themselves, and the company that sold that product made a profit, and is promoting sustainable products.

The future of our worldwide environment and economy is going to be dependent on the development of new green technology. As exciting as some recent advances are, it is up to the public to put pressure on the companies, and politicians that have the resources to fast track these projects.