One of the biggest polluters in the history of the planet is the smoke from the vehicles that we use as transportation. The fossil fuels we burn to propel ourselves from place A to place B actually causes the environment immeasurable damage.

The problem is that everyone needs to commute. Be it to the school, to work, to play or to shop, we all need to commute by some means of transportation or the other. We are no longer living in a place where we can walk to work or school. In most cases we spend hours commuting from one place to the other.

So if we must commute what form of transportation should we use to give the least trouble to the environment? Let's take a look at the green transportation that one can use.

"If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend."- Doug Larson

Private Cars

The worst possible way to be commute is by your own private car. Unless of course you are car pooling in which case it is a bit better. So as far as possible plan your trips with friends and save fuel, and causeless pollution. It would be better if you had an electric car, as that does not cause as much pollution compared to the regular cars.


If you must use a taxi, try and share a cab. And try to take a non AC one. Yes the air conditioning of the taxi also contributes to higher levels of pollution. The working of an AC will make the car less fuel efficient, so for the same distance you would be using more fuel. That is no way to go green. Stick your head out of the window if you want to feel some flowing air.


These three wheelers are better than taking a car. They are more fuel efficient than the four wheelers. However they too may have high rates of smoke emission and pollute the environment. So when you do use an auto rickshaw, try and share it with some one else. That way the two of you will save money on the commute and fast depleting fuel resources as well.


The best are naturally the electric two wheelers. They have the least pollution and most fuel effective ride. At the same time if you can use a cycle, there's nothing like it. No pollution at all and add exercise workout for fitness for free. Of course it may not be practical for longer commutes in which case you can pick something from below.


The public transportation system is the most fuel efficient way to commute. Of course it may not be the most comfortable way to commute, but it is the cheapest. You can save a major chunk of your transportation costs by making use of the bus service in your town. It may not be great for the image, but its amazing for the environment.

Local or Metro Trains

The mass transportation system offered by the local train service is truly the most efficient and effective service that one can think of in terms of transportation. May the environment thank you for choosing to walk the few paces from the metro station to your office? It is indeed the cheapest and most environment friendly way to commute to work.

"People who want to understand democracy should spend less time in the library with Aristotle and more time on the buses and in the subway." - Simeon Strunsky