Green energy ... so much has already been said on the subject. And yet, there can never be enough said about this very important topic. Renewable energy and the dire need we as humans have for it in this day and age.

Global warming is very much a reality that we need to face and live with, its effects are clearly visible all across the globe. The earth's overall temperature has already risen by between one and two percent – and more is coming.

Now what is so bad about a single degree? Perhaps it does not sound like much, but the Ice Age ended due to an overall rise in temperature of three to four degrees celcius ... Is the picture becoming more clear now?

So what created this eventual rise in the planet's temperature? The major damage began with the rise of the Industrial Age of the sixteenth century, during the Renaissance. Factories popped up everywhere and with them clouds of smoke from burnt coal to fuel the processes happening within those fast producing factories.

This has increased manyfold during the last hundred years and especially the last fifty – carbon emissions from motor vehicles carrying a very large percentage of the blame there. Coal and fuel refineries pump ever more volumes of smoke into the skies and of course the pollution from coal power stations that work so hard to empower our electricity hungry society.

But we all know that thanks to our modern technology there is actually no longer any need for the use of fossil fuels to power our world and our commercially driven society. There are several cleaner and environmentally safer technologies available.

Solar power generates energy in exactly the same way as trees do – by using photosynthesis to convert the sun's rays into usable energy for everyday use. This is an easy and cost-effective means of producing the electricity we need to power our technology. It has even been used to power cars as well as planes. They are however less effective on cloudy or stormy days, but like everything else in the world there are positives and negatives connected to everything.

Wind energy is generated from large turbines turned by the wind. They are bulkier and take up more space, but can generate a lot of electric energy as well ... as long as the wind blows, the only real drawback to this style of generator.



Other alternatives to fossil fuels used elsewhere in the world are also thermal power generators, although these are only truly viable in volcanically active areas ... with the obvious drawbacks easily visible here.

Hydro (water) power stations is another alternative to fossil fuel use. This uses the natural flow of the earth's water courses to turn turbines and so produce the electric energy we need ... already in use all over the world.

So why do we still rely so much on fossil fuels that we know are ultimately harming not only us, but the environment and our planet itself? That is the one question that nobody really seems to want to answer ... unfortunately.



Other ways of helping to save the environment are using gas instead of power hungry stoves or to minimize your travel with cars. There are many alternatives to lower your own carbon footprint. Ride a bicycle, walk or carpool for larger distances.

So jump on the bandwagon today and help improve the state of the planet we live on ... both for ourselves and for our children who will inherit it from us. Go GREEN !!!