Everyone loves to shop for elegant shoes not only for special occasions, but also for everyday use. A shoe shine kit is essential if you want your shoes to look brand new for a long time and also if you want to save money. Using shoe polish makes your shoes shiny and free from dirt and moisture. You must clean the shoes before and after you use them to prolong their life and quality. Unlike men who usually own black and brown shoes, women often buy shoes in different styles and colors. The question is how do you take appropriate care of women’s shoes?

One important rule that you need to be aware of is to use shoe polish that matches the color of your shoes. No matter how nice and expensive your shoes are, if you do not take care of them, they will soon look dull and cheap.  For example, if you have green shoes, you should apply green shoe polish to maintain their vivid color. If you are a nurse, you might wear white shoes and, of course, you need to use white shoe polish for them. Do not use darker shades on light colored shoes because it will damage their color permanently. Shoe shine products have the same ingredients: oil, solvent, dye and wax. You can choose from three types of shoe polishes: liquid, cream or wax. Liquid shoe polish is supposed to be the best and is popular today because it is rich in oil, and this is perfect to produce a glossy effect. Liquid shoe polishes are available in various colors, adapted to different types of shoe types, so one can wear different shoe colors every day.


Wearing the same shoes day after day can be boring and you would not want your colleague, friends or supervisor to notice it. Your shoes reflect your personality, so make sure that your shoes are free from dirt and scratches. If you want a wonderful result, you can use a conditioner. You can also use a brush to polish them after applying your desired color of shoe polish. Keep in mind to dry your shoes for about 10 minutes after you have cleaned them, and do not apply shoe polish while they are still wet. Furthermore, keep the shoetrees in your shoe while you clean them, to help them maintain their shape and to make them shinier.  A wet sponge is also useful to polish your shoes evenly.