With global warming constantly looming in our everyday life, it is a challenge to find ways of living in a world where a good number of harmful chemicals actually make so many things more convenient to deal with. One of which is extermination of termites!

Termites could just be as notorious and old as dinosaurs with homes being infested by these creatures for decades. But unlike dinosaurs that have become instinct, termites just keep coming back. And however much we have many ways to eradicate them, we still have to come up with eco-friendly way to get rid of termites and keep them away.

In as much as our concern for our environment remains, termites have no consideration for whatever comes in their way of feeding on every piece of wood they come in contact with. A house can completely deteriorate in 3 months with a major termite infestation. Some homes get abandoned due to this and although it may not always be the case, the amount of damage termites can cause will definitely leave you with a huge chunk of money down the drain and even more money for repair and damage control.

Prevention may be the best way to protect your home as it keeps you from using any form of chemical solutions that can be toxic for the environment and for you as well. Wood equals food for termites and wherever there is wood, termites will likely hone in on its location. One of the most cunning and destructive type of termites are subterranean termites that thrive, move and live underground. Any wood that comes in contact with the soil will surely fall victim to these type of termites. The very first things you should do to prevent termites from even thinking of knocking on your backdoor is to make sure there is no entry way for them.

Your idle heap of construction lumber or the pile of firewood at the back of your house is a total beacon and magnet for termites and once they've gone through that pile, they can easily move into the closest wood structure, which is the foundation of your house. Move all these piles of wood way far from your house and make sure to store them elevated from the ground. Also, make sure the foundations of your house has clearing of 7 inches above the soil. Subterranean termites can travel above ground and make their way through concrete by building mud tunnels. If they find their way into your home's foundation, that certainly spells big trouble should you fail to keep this under control.

However, if your home is already infested with termites, you can always use a tried and tested chemical solution of boric acid. It comes in powder form and conveniently sold in home improvement stores, hardware stores and even in some pharmacies. If you're doing some kind of home improvement project,treat the wood with boric acid prior to use. Apply the same chemical solution to the exterior of you home by "painting" it on wood surfaces. And lastly, you can soak a piece of wood in the boric acid solution with some water and then stick them into places where termites can easily find it and swarm onto. This will effectivly kill a termite colony.

When termite infestation has gone a bit out of hand for you, you may have to resort to tenting your home. It is a bit inconvenient and a little more expensive but it definitely works. This process involves putting a big tent over your house and using high heat temperature from portable heaters and a combination of other devices to kill termites. The extreme heat exceeding almost 120 degrees kills termites nestled in between your walls and beams of your home without leaving any chemical traces or damaging your home. Its not a cheap alternative but it is an effective method of extermination.