Millions of people around the planet, love growing plants, and these greenhouse kits provide the ideal setting for the amateur horticulturalist to enjoy their beautiful plants, and the biggest bonus is that they are more affordable than their larger Plexiglas cousins.  These models are a 10’ by 10’ garden greenhouse that is designed with six legs to help ensure stability and protect the delicate plants housed inside, and their bottom flaps can be buried to help seal the bottom of the structure.

The portable greenhouses are designed with a steel frame and bottom railing system to ensure stability of the greenhouse kits during those hard spring rains and winds.  They have a rear vent that has a durable zipper for additional ventilation, and the front door is designed with a double zippered roll up canvas.  The cover is made with a single piece that is rip, or tear, resistant and protects against the harsh ultraviolent light from the sun.   They have a center height of almost eight feet and slope to a side height of slightly over five feet.  They provide a comfortable atmosphere in which to work with plenty of room to store potting soil, nutrients, seeds, and all the tools that are the necessities for plants.

Since the covering of these greenhouse kits is made with fabric that allows light and air to enter, plants are protected from damage of too much sun, as well as protected from harsh rain and winds.  The plants are encouraged to grow in the perfect lighted setting making a very comfortable place for the avid gardener to get those tiny little seedlings started in a protected environment.  A greenhouse canopy tent is perfect for setting up a series of shelves to house the plants, and even a long table for potting and propagating assorted varieties. 

When planting the seeds to get the flower bed or vegetable garden started, the Greenhouse kits provides excellent shelter, abundant light, and protection from the elements (not to mention the wildlife who love to nibble on tender young plants), for the seedlings to get a good healthy start.  They provide shade in the summer and with the appropriate heaters or lights in the winter, can even make a great getaway for the hobbyist to enjoy their favorite leisure pursuit and escape the noise from the kids fighting, or the drone of the television.  They are easy to set up and will stand and protect the plants for a long time.

When the hobby turns to horticulture, these garden greenhouse kits are affordable, easy to set up, and long lasting.  They provide the perfect location to get away from it all and enjoy the restful therapeutic hobby of growing plants.