When someone says contact lenses, you automatically think of corrective lenses. Today, they are not just for vision correction any more. You can purchase contacts in many different shades of colors and types of patterns without a prescription. These contacts are designed to change the appearance of your eyes only and not correct the vision. While purchasing and using the lenses, one must be careful to get good ones, or he or she may do damage to his or her eyes.

One of the many uses of these lenses is to change the looks of your natural eye appearance. One of the popular colors today is grey. The grey color will give your own eye color a unique look. The grey eyes are associated with mystery and mystique. If you would like to look mysterious and deep, you could try the grey contact lens.

White is also a very popular choice currently. The white contact lens are great for Halloween and will give you the eye look that you need to go with that spooky costume. The white lenses are always a spooky addition to any Halloween costume choice.

You must always be careful when using these colored contact lenses. You must use special precautions for avoiding damage to your eyes. You must be sure that the lenses fit right and are comfortable to avoid going to the optometrist the next day for your damaged eyes. You should take them out right away if they begin to hurt your eyes.

The best place to get the colored lenses is through a doctor by prescription. This is a way to avoid having any eye damage from wearing them. These will not be corrective lenses, but will be fit exactly to your eye for comfort and safety.

You will want to order these lenses some time before you will want to wear them because it takes a while to get them after they are ordered. You will also need some time to try them out and make sure that they fit correctly. If they do not, you will have to send them back and get a new fitting.

Clean the lenses with the proper cleaner and always wash your hands before handling the lenses to avoid damage to your eyes or the lenses.