Grey Eyes – Eye Makeup Tips for Grey Eyes

Grey Eyes -Eye makeup tips for grey eyes

Grey eyes have little melanin in the iris which is the dark pigment responsible for determining not only eye color but, also skin tone and hair color. Low levels of melanin in the iris as well as other complex variables create this light cool grey eye color that can sometimes look hazel and other times look blue with specks of gold or brown and is very often determined by the clothing worn close to the face, makeup colors and the weather.

The eyes are one of the first features that we notice in each other through conversation or smiling and you can enhance the way your eyes look with a few tips. If you have rare grey eyes and want them to stand out and be noticed, try some easy to do makeup tips for grey eyes that will help you look your best.

Always start with daily facial cleansing prior to applying makeup for the best results. Use a natural cleanser designed specifically for your skin type; follow with a toner to prepare the skin for moisturizer and then your daily non greasy moisturizer. An eye cream or eye gel applied to the entire eye area daily will minimize fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent eye makeup from gathering in those lines.

Allow all facial products to fully absorb and then apply a thin coating of liquid or mineral foundation as a base and to protect the skin you just spent time cleaning. This will give you a clean canvas to apply makeup.

Use professional makeup brushes made from natural materials for applying makeup to get a smooth, even blending of colors without the brush bristles falling out.

Keep makeup brushes clean daily to reduce the chance of obtaining a bacterial infection.

Replace all makeup every six months to reduce contamination and never share makeup with friends for the same reason.

Eye Makeup Tips for Grey Eyes

Grey eyes

Grey is a cool color and the eyeshadow colors that work best for grey eyes will be those from a cool palette. This includes pink, lavender, blue, grey, silver, plum, berry, wine and ivory. Choose three eyeshadow colors from your cool palette for the best results. One dark, one medium and one light color to highlight.

Begin by using the eyeshadow brush dipped into the darkest of the three chosen colors. Apply this color to the bottom of the eyelid just below the crease area. Blend so that the darkest color is at the outside of the eye and make it lighter as you go towards the inside of the eye.

Clean the eyeshadow brush or use a new one and apply the medium shade in the crease area of the eyelid and blend so that there is no line of demarcation from where the first color ends and the next color starts. Take a moment to blend carefully for the best results.

Wipe the eyeshadow brush on a clean cotton towel and use the third, the lightest color as a highlighter just under the brow area. Follow the brow with color and blend gently into the second eye color in the crease of the eye.

Use pencil eyeliner (clean and sharpened) along the lash line and avoid the inside of the eye. Take your time to create a clean and smooth line holding the eyeliner so that the palm/wrist area gently rests on your chin area for stability. Blend this line with a blending brush to soften the line. Repeat on the lower lash line and again, avoid inside the eye to prevent infection and eye irritations.

Apply one or two coats of darkest brown or black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

Finish the rest of your makeup by applying a light natural blush in powder or cream starting at the cheek and blending upwards. Keeping the blush light and natural will draw more attention to your grey eyes and not the rest of your features or the makeup.

Wear a light lip gloss or lipstick one shade darker than your natural lip color.

Finish the makeup by using a powder brush and finishing powder to help set the makeup for all day wear without smearing or smudging.

Grey eyes can be enhanced further by wearing any of the eyeshadow colors you chose close to the face in a scarf, sweater, jacket or blouse or jewelry. Vary the combinations of eyeshadow colors you wear to change your look and to prevent boredom from your makeup. By wearing your correct colors for your grey eyes, you will look pulled together and people will notice your beautiful and rare eye color. Practice Grey Eyes – Eye Makeup Tips as the more you do it, the easier it will become for you. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful grey eyes.