Grey Wolf Barring TeethIn one corner of the ring, from North America, weighing in at 82lbs we have the Grey Wolf. Known as an efficient hunting machine the grey wolf uses an unlikely combination of speed and endurance to track down and kill prey, when in a chase they can reach speeds of up to 40mph. The Grey Wolf usually lives in a pack and they use their numbers to take down prey, the Females are known to chase and catch the prey while the Males wrestle it to the ground. Although there has been documented cases of lone wolves taking down large animals single-handedly.

Weapons and method of attack

The Grey Wolf's main weapon will be its canine teeth they can exert twice the pressure than a domestic dog of the same size could produce, one bite can cause up to a 15cm wound. They usually first attack the animals hips and coccyx this results in massive blood loss and the loss of motor function to the legs. Once disabled they usually kill their prey by a bite to the throat which severs the windpipe and jugular artery.

In the other corner we have the Brown Bear, also from North America the Brown Bear towers over his opponent at a massive 8ft in height and 900lbs in weight. Extremely big and muscular the brown bear will usually use its power when hunting, although they are very skilled at fishing due to their fast hand speed and long curved claws. Brown Bears have very powerful jaws in which they have very strong teeth including very large canines. The Brown Bear when hunting will usually attack younger prey as they are easier to catch although despite their huge size the Bear Brown can reach speeds of up to 35mph this makes it a ferocious predator and no easy foe for any land animal.

Weapons and method of attack

The Brown Bear's main weapon will be its strength and power. When Brown Bears catch prey they pin it to the ground and tear at it with their jaws they have also been known to break animals backs and necks with powerful blows from their forearms, the power of these blows has even been known to break the spines of animals as large as Bison.

Previous Encounters

The Brown Bear and Grey Wolf usually avoid each other, although when the circumstances dictate such as in the defense of food or cubs altercations do occur. Due to the Brown Bear's vast size advantage they are known to intimidate Wolves away from their food, unlike Black Bears who are known to be intimidated away from their food by Wolves. It has been recorded that deaths in fights between Brown Bears and Wolves are very uncommon. This is thought to be because of the strength of the Bear is negated by the numerous Wolves in a pack so a stalemate is usually the result.

The Fight

I think it would be fair to say a fight between a lone Grey Wolf and a Brown Bear would over very quickly with the Bear the obvious victor. Although a Grey Wolf pack vs a Brown Bear would be a more tightly fought affair, the Wolves would gang up as a team to take the Bear down while any blows landed clean by the Bear would bring instant death to the receiver. Against most other types of Bear I would back the Wolves but the Brown is too individually powerful and ferocious and I think It would just be too much for the Grey Wolf pack. So the Brown Bear just edges this particular battle.

Victor - Brown Bear