Forget Shark vs. Octopus. King Kong vs. Godzilla? Been there done that. No, today we discuss a true clash of the titans. Two veritable giants of the terra firma will meet in mortal combat. Canis Lupus against Ursus Arctos Horribilis!!! The Wolf faces the Grizzly Bear!

It was inevitable that two creatures of such ferocity, majesty, and beauty would meet, but who will win?

First the particulars

In blue corner, we have the slayer of Grandma's, whose very breath rends houses asunder, he is the Grey Wolf. Known for his speed, intelligence, and big pointy teeth, there are few who would dare stand against him.

  • Height: 34 inches
  • Length: 52 inches
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Weapons of choice: Teeth
  • Strengths: Speed and agility

Now in the red corner, I present to you the mauler of Goldilocks, the bane of bees, the titan among the redwoods, the Grizzly Bear. Known for his overwhelming, power, size and ferocity, the Grizzly is without peer within the great forests of the Northwest.

  • Height: 3.5 feet on all fours 7 feet standing
  • Weight: 800 lbs
  • Weapon of choice: Claws
  • Strengths: Size and Power

So let's see who would win…

The sun sets slowly over the boulder strewn mountain valley. Shadows grow and stretch forward, a harbinger of the fast approaching darkness. A cold mist begins to grow as the temperature quickly cools. A young doe lays dead, neck broken, eyes glazed, entrails already steaming in the twilight air. Around her body a pack of wolfs jockey for position, barking, snarling and yipping as the fight over the choicest bits of flesh is settled. An order is soon established over the chaos, and the pack settles down to their meal. An order soon shattered. A bestial roar issues forth from the adjacent pine thicket.

Before the echo of the roar fades, a bestial shape races across the meadow. 800 pounds of fur a furry descends on the pack and their recent kill. The pack scatters, leaving the grizzly to stand triumphant over the carcass of the doe. The wolves fade into the forest, quickly becoming lost in the shadows. All save one. He is a King among his kind, and he will not flee.

Dancing away from the Bear, he turns, sidling, circling the Bear. A low growl in his throat, he rushes. Belly hugging the ground, he attacks the grizzly's flank. A flash of white teeth and a hit is scored. The grizzly turns, its massive maw gaping wide slaver whipping in long strands, but he is a moment to slow. The Wolf is gone.

Yellow eyes flashing in the dusk light, the Wolf circles as the Bear stands roaring at his attacker. The Grizzly charges. A creature that large should not be able to move that fast, but he does. The Wolf dodges at the last instant, and flashes past the form of the Bear. Another crimson flags appears along the Bear's previously unmarked flank.

The Grizzly lumbers to a halt. His breathing labored, the Grizzly turns to face its tormenter. Tongue lolling from his mouth, the Wolf paces back and forth. He feints to the left and attacks right. Missing this time but always turning his enemy.

The Wolf is too slow leaping away after one of his attacks. The Grizzly scores a hit. His massive paw catches the Wolf hind flank, spinning him through the air. The Wolf lands in a heap, but quickly springs back to his feet and dances away from danger. Limping but still game the Wolf resumes his circling, always moving always feinting.

The sun sets as the battle between these two titans of the forest continues on. As darkness falls, the wolf hobbles on three legs, blood mixing with the drool and foam that fleck his jaws. The Bear, blood flowing freely from countless gashes and cuts, sits back on his haunches. Exhausted.

Eyes flashing yellow, the Wolf moves in for the kill. He comes from the side like so many times before, but this time he's too slow. Injuries and exhaustion have taken their toll, and this time the Bear connects cleanly. A gigantic paw tipped with daggerlike claws lashes through the darkness, catches the Wolf across the jaw, and sends him spinning through the night air. All that can be heard in the fierce silence of the night is the Wolf's strangled yelp of and the sticklike snap of his spine as he lands on top of one the boulders that litter the meadow floor.

Struggling to his feet, the bloodied and battered Bear lumbers over to the now prone form of his enemy. The Wolf attempts to struggle to his feet, but his hind legs remain motionless and he quickly falls back to the ground. Roaring his victory, the Bear ends the Wolf's misery. His massive forepaw finds the Wolfs skull, and it is over.

Now, the meadow is silent. The only sound the labored breathing of the battered Bear. The Bear has won.

Battered and bleeding, the Grizzly turns and struggles back into the apparent safety of the forest. Weakened and wounded the victor wants nothing but rest as he limps into the darkness. However, the forest is alive with shadows whose eyes flash yellow in the moonlight. Pink tongues loll over eager jaws. A wolf never hunts alone…