This is a method I learned from my brother-in-law a few summers ago while we were vacationing at the beach. I can't tell you the nutritional value, but I can tell you it was maybe the best Filet I had ever had and now I'm able to reproduce it at home. I'm not a five star chef by any means, I'm just an average guy. But I'm able to grill a great Filet now and so can you. Try this out, it's easy and I think you'll be pleased with the results.

The first step is to select a good cut of meat, the grilling process and seasoning can only go so far. If you have a terrible piece of meat it's just not going to grill up that tasty. We have a nice little family owned meat market close to our house that I get mine from. They're only about $5.49 a Filet and they never disappoint. If you can get grass fed beef all the better, it's a bit more expensive but worth it in my opinion.

It's best to have the Filet at room temperature before putting it on the grill, so plan ahead at least long enough for that to happen. When the Filet is getting close to room temp you can go ahead and light the grill. I use a gas grill because it heats up quickly and gives a nice even heat. You want the grill to be very hot before putting the meat on, I go for at least 500 degrees or more. While waiting for the grill to heat up you can season the meat. I use just a little salt and pepper on each side. Sea Salt and Black Pepper, nothing special. Then I season with Montreal's Steak Seasoning. I go fairly liberally with the Montreal's to start out with.

When the grill is ready you can put the Filet on. Sometimes when grilling other meats I brush the grill with olive oil so the meat doesn't stick, I don't do this with the Filet's. One reason for this is when you go to turn the Filet the first time, if the meat sticks, it's not ready to be turned, so that actually helps give me a little clue as to when they are ready to flip. Now that you have put the Filet on you have just a few minutes. I spend this time getting everything I need together and ready. Melt two sticks of butter in the microwave in a dish that you will be able to dunk the steaks in. You can either do this before you put the steaks on, or while you're waiting to flip the steaks the first time.

Let the steaks cook on the first side for about 3 - 4 minutes. This is at the high heat and all you are really trying to do is sear the outside to lock the juices in. Again if when you go to flip the steak it sticks, you've flipped it too soon. After the first side is seared flip it and sear the other side. This can happen a bit faster than the first side, since the steak has already been on for a few minutes.

After both sides have been seared you can turn the gas down to low. The grill will still hold plenty of heat, but you don't need it up over 500 anymore.

Now you are going to be coating and seasoning the steaks. At this point flip the steaks every 2 - 4 minutes and each time you flip dunk the steak in the butter, making sure both sides get coated and season the top side with just a little more Montreal's. The number of times you flip and dunk can depend on how you like the steak cooked, but I like to dunk at least two times. The time between dunks can also vary depending on the heat and the rareness you are trying to achieve.

You can experiment with the cooking times for each side and the amount of seasoning you use to fit your own tastes. When you do take them off the grill let them rest for a minute or two, this will keep them juicier than if you cut it right away.

Of course any sort of sauce is up to you. I like them straight off the grill with nothing else added. My seven year old daughter asks for these all the time and it is her favorite meal. My six year old son always wants ketchup with his, I try not to take it personal, we can't all have good taste.