Every body enjoys a barbeque on the weekends especially when it is going to be accompanied with drinks and a large gathering of people that you love to be around. I prefer to eat BBQ anytime I can get it and not just limited to the weekend.  I used to have a friend who was a master chef when it came to barbequing ribs and other similar types of food items. Philip would get people to buy his BBQ for most of the local fundraisers.  People would ask if he was the cook and they would have a ton more orders.  He has perfected the art of the BBQ grill.  His father was pretty handy around the barrel as well. 

BBQ chicken is a delicacy that is enjoyed all over the world. If you are planning a get together this weekend or if you just want to make it a habit of calling some friends over every alternate weekend, learning how to make a tasty barbeque is definitely in your best interests.


How to BBQ chicken

There are three ways of going about this. You can either use indirect heating or direct heating. However, my friend and I use a combination of both methods.  In any of the cases, you are going to be using a grill and that is why it is important to invest in a good quality cooking grillBBQ ChickenCredit: www.foodnetwork.com that is easy to use and to clean up afterwards. Before you can begin using any method mentioned, you need to make sure that the chicken has been prepared properly. Ideally, I would advise you to marinate the cut up pieced a day before and to leave it for at least twenty four hours. This will ensure that the marinate sauces seep into the meat and make it tender. What most people do not know is that the time that you put aside for marinating purposes can be the difference.

In this article I will tell you how to use the two methods of indirect and direct cooking of  chicken.  To use the combination that we recommend, simply do both methods.

Indirect Heating

Most people are probably not aware of the fact that they inadvertently use indirect heating all of the time when cooking different types of dishes. For example, when you cover the lid on the cooking pot and reduce the heat, you are actually allowing the food inside to be cooked via indirect heating. The act of not directly applying the heat to any type of food item and allowing the heat within the atmosphere inside the cooking environment is referred to as indirect heating.

The best benefit of using indirect heating for BBQ chicken is to allow the thicker meat to get well cooked from the inside while allowing the outside to remain safe from charring. Of course, if you like your meat completely seared as some people do, you may not want to try this out but in every other case. Indirect heating is a must for larger types of food because it will allow you to ensure that no part of the chicken will remain uncooked. Indirect heatCredit: blog.lovewithfood.com

You do not want to get sick from eating the raw chicken so please be aware of the heating requirements for chicken.  When employing indirect heating, you should make sure that the temperature of the grill is kept to around 250 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For grilling chicken, it is customary to use indirect heating as it allows for more complete cooking. I am sure that you do not want any of your guests gnawing on uncooked chicken meat.

Direct Heating

When it comes to using direct heating for BBQ chicken preparation, it is advised that you make sure that the grill is hot and kept at a high temperature. With indirect heating, you keep the overall temperature low since you want the chicken to be properly cooked. Direct heating is perfect for people who like their food charred.Direct heatCredit: cookingagents.wordpress.com

For direct heating, the temperature requirements are going to be a little different although the preparation method will remain the same. The temperature range should ideally be between 165 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit since you do not want to completely burn the skin or meat on the outside.


As I said before we use a combination of direct and indirect heating when cooking chicken.  To do this method you will cook the chicken on direct heat until the center of the meat is to the prescribed temperature of 165-180 degrees.  When it hits that temperature you will immediately move it to indirect heat and cook it until the center of the chicken meat is cooked thoroughly.  The grill should be kept a little hotter but the middle of the chicken meat should still be held constant at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Applying the Sauce

When preparing BBQ chicken, one of the most important aspects that you will have to focus upon is when to apply the sauce. You should ideally start the process of applying the sauce when the chicken is nearly done which. The first step is to reduce the heat by a substantial amount say by about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Then start applying layers of the sauce onto the chicken.Applying BBQ SauceCredit: bbq.about.com

The best way to accomplish this is to use indirect heating at this point. Apply the sauce onto one side of the chicken and close the lid of the grill for about five minutes. Then, turn the chicken around and apply the sauce on the other end and leave the lid closed for five minutes. This will ensure that the sauce has been completely absorbed.

Take it off

Once the chicken has the sauce on it and has the glazed looked to it you should removed the chicken.   Wrap your chicken in aluminum foil and place it inside a cooler or some other container that is semi-air tight. The aluminum should be wrapped around so that the juices will not come out of the ends or anywhere else.   Allow the chicken to sit in the container, wrapped, and continuing to cook in its own juices for at least 30 minutes and preferably for an hour.  The heat the chicken has retained will allow the moisture trapped inside to make the chicken moist and delicious. 

Happy eating and I will be expecting an invitation to the next BBQ.     

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