I grew up in a small town and two things were sure in that town. One was you knew everybody and two was that my dad made the best burger in town. Every Friday (and some Saturdays) found my old man grilling hamburgers. My dad's name is Ross and the term Rossburgers was born. These days were an event. My house would be filled with my mom and dad, my four brother and at least 8 other friends that magically appeared. Today I am going to reveal the secret of how they were so good.

I won't go into the buns this time even though great hamburger buns is important to grilling hamburgers success. I am going to teach you the methods my dad uses for grilling burgers and a secret ingredient any homemade hamburger can't live without.

Step 1 The Fire

When grilling a hamburger never use lighter fluid. Leave that to pyros. Get some sticks and make a short, squat tepee to get the fire going and place a good amount of charcoal on the fire. These will light to and you can add more. To avoid this, buy ready light. Another secret of my dad's is to throw in some mesquite chips. You can usually buy these at stores like Cabellas or if you live in the west you can go out and get it for free on the side of the road. This will add an awesome flavor to your homemade burgers. Once the fire is going we move on to grilling technique.

Step 2 The grilling

Here is where the magic is made. You have to make a healthy patty, we are talking about a patty that is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter and at least 1/2 inch thick. You will salt and pepper these on both sides before throwing them on the grill. Another important ingredient here is BBQ sauce. I sometimes make my own but Bull's Eye is just so good I usually just buy it. I have tried with other sauces and almost all are great. Try around and find out which your family likes best. The most important rule (according to my dad) is never, NEVER put BBQ sauce on an uncooked hamburger. You are going to do 3 flips on these patties. So you cook one side for about 5 minutes and you flip and paint, yes with a brush, BBQ sauce on the already cooked side. After a few more minutes you are going to flip again and paint BBQ sauce on the other side. With this, you are done with the BBQ sauce but we need one more flip to burn the sauce into the patty. So you flip one more time and after about 1 or 2 minutes you are set. The times I put here all depend on the thickness of you patty and likes as far as cooking levels go. For the next step we are going to talk about the grilling hamburgers secret weapon...the secret (well it's not all that secret) sauce.

Step 3 French Onion Dip

I have a great recipe for homemade French Onion Dip I will be sharing with you in another article but for now any French Onion Dip will do. You simply use is along with your mayonnaise and other condiments but let me tell you this simple step takes your homemade hamburgers to new levels.

So there you have it. Not complicated at all but it was enough to make my dad legendary in small town USA. Now you have to power too...go out there and make a grilling hamburger name for yourself!