Holidays and special events celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays with a family and loved ones is always fun and for most people there is no better way to spend a quality time with family and friends than a backyard barbecue. However, while having fun and enjoying your prime rib you should make sure to take care of all safety measures. Accidents happen all the time, especially when working with fire but you can reduce the risk of unfortunate events by following few simple grilling safety tips.

1. Read the Manual First

You should read the manual first before you invite everyone over to your backyard barbecue. It comes with the grill when you purchase one. Read it throughly and make sure you understand how to use and operate your grill properly and follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially those related to safety precautions. Please do not throw away the manual because you may need it in the future.

2. Secure the Grilling Area

Remove all unnecessary objects from the grilling area, especially flammable items such as matches, lighters, wires and plugs to prevent fire other than one needed for grilling. You are also highly recommended to keep your children and pets away from the grilling area to prevent potentially serious injuries.

3. Check the Grill Itself

You should make sure that your grill is safe before you start grilling. Make sure that there is no leak in the tank which can be very dangerous. Then check the legs of the grill and make sure that it is stable and level in oder to prevent tipping over. The grill should not sway back and forth either. Please check the connection between the stove top and gas tank for any leaks if you have a gas grill. Do not use matches nor lighter before throughout gas grill check because you can cause an explosion in case there is a leak.

4. Other Grilling Safety Tips

Use outdoor grill outdoors only. It is not designed to be used indoors. You should never leave your grill unattended. If you have to leave your grill, for example if having a phone call, turn it off and switch it on again when you return. You are also highly recommended to read the manual to make sure that you understand how to use the starter fluid properly.

Grilling should be fun but you should never underestimate the seriousness of potential accidents that can happen if ignoring the basic safety precautions. After all, we all have been taught not to play with matches and fire from early childhood on. If you follow the above mentioned grilling safety tips and use some common sense your backyard barbecue will enable you to spend quality time with your family and friends, and enjoy your prime rib.