grilling steaks

Grilling Steaks is something we associate with summer, warm temperatures, open windows and great backyard barbeques right?

But do you know the secret to grilling steaks to perfection?

Rib eye, tenderloin and striploin are considered the most tender cuts of beef for grilling, but you can use other cuts such as blade steak and T-bone. As long as you follow some simple rules to grilling steaks, then you will have the perfect barbeque dinner.

Here are the steps to grilling the perfect steak


. First give your barbeque a good scrub, this stops those flare ups that can happen when old grease burns off the grill. You don't want any of that on or near your steak!


Leave your choice of steak out for at least 30 minutes. You should not be grilling steaks straight from the fridge.


Apply your seasonings, and you should be grilling your steak over high heat, and leave it for 6 minutes, depending on how thick your grilling steak is..


. Grill the other side for 6 minutes, and you are done.

Six minutes per side, will give you a medium rare steak.

So what is the big secret to grilling steak? Stop playing with it. Once you have it on the grill with your seasonings, don't touch it for the six minutes, let the barbeque do the job, make sure it is on high heat, and DON'T LEAVE and wander off. That six minutes comes and goes very fast. Time it, if you want it done right.

Don't mess with it, or poke it for the six minutes, then quickly turn it over to the other side, and do the same thing again. Actually time yourself.

Many people start by grilling steaks, and then forget the time, or go and get things in the house, and next thing you know you are at very well done. When grilling steaks, you need to be at the barbeque, and everything else should be ready ahead of time, since 12 minutes goes by quite quickly (6 minutes per side).

Also, do not put the steaks on the barbeque until it is good and hot. If this is the first time you have fired up the grill since the fall, then you need to let it run for a bit and help burn off any residues. Once the grill has got hot, then you can take a grill brush and give it a good clean. I prefer this method rather than trying to clean the grill cold with oven cleaner.

The heat will burn off any fats, but the scrubbing brush helps it along. But do yourself a favor. As excited as you are to get grilling steaks, really give your barbeque a good checkup.

Make sure all connections are secure, and make sure to look in the bottom of your barbeque for any signs of mice. Sometimes in the winter they will build a nest in your barbeque, and although they may be long gone, the nest remains!

If your grill has seen better days, then get a new one, and some new bricks or charcoals for the bottom. You can also replace the burners with parts from your local hardware store. Why replace the whole barbeque if it doesn't need it?

Replace the burner and some of the parts, and it will be as good as a new one and burn evenly. As the burners get old, they do not burn evenly which makes it difficult to grill the perfect steak.

So, get that barbeque fired up, and get grilling those steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and anything else you can fit on there, and have a great barbeque season!