Why do some fat food restaurants add so much salt to heir French fries? Back in the 1980's it was commonly believed that fast food restaurants did this so that it would make you thirsty and encourage people to buy more soda pop. It is common place to get free refills on your soda today but the fries are just as salty as ever. Why do they add so much salt? Here are some of my gripes about fast food restaurants that add way to much salt to their French fries.


I love the taste of potatoes. I also love the taste of French fries that taste like potatoes but when these fast food restaurants add an inordinate amount of salt to the French fires I can no longer taste the French fires.

Sodium Overkill

I never add salt to anything. The only sodium intake I get is when I get sodium in foods I buy such as flavored rice meals in boxes. I am not a fan of salt. I do not even like to add salt to my popcorn. One of the only things I hate about swimming in the ocean is the taste of the water when it injects its' self into my throat.

They say a high amount of sodium is bad for your body and the only time I get my bloodstream injected with salt overkill is when I eat French fires at fast food restaurants and forget to ask for them with no salt.

Asking for French fries With No Salt

You can always ask to have your French fries made with no salt but there are always a few problems. He first problem us they usually use the same fry scoop to lift the French fires out and that fry scoop is generally coated with a thick salty paste so you still get salt on your French fries, albeit not as much.

Another problem is that when you do ask for salt with no French fries they will often times be rude or abrupt. It slows them down and they do not want to be bothered with the additional work involved in frying up a fresh batch of French fires with no salt added on to them. I get upset when they pull this on me and will sometimes tell them if you did not add so much dang salt to your French fries I would not have to special request no salt.

Sweet Potato French Fries

Sweet potato French fries are becoming popular again some regions of the Country. Arctic Circle restaurants now offer sweet potato French fires at all of their locations. The best part is they never add salt to the sweet potato French fires unless you specifically request for them to add salt to your order of sweet potato French fries.

Skip the Fast Food Restaurant

If you cannot get French fires at your fast food restraint with no salt added and you like them that way them skip that restraint and go to a different fast food restraint that will cater to your request of French fries with no salt. You do however need to talk to the manager on duty and explain to them why you will no longer be frequenting their establishment. Often times the manager on duty can make things right and then you can continue to go to your favorite fast food restaurant and get fresh French fries with no salt added.