While it is illegal in the good old USofA to sell or buy bear rugs, it is still an active and thriving business in Canada. Grizzly Bears have been used for rugs for hundreds of years and were perhaps more common place back then. Today you can still purchase a Grizzly Bear Rug from Canadian based websites, but they're extremely expensive so not too many people buy them. They do make for an interesting floor piece in your cabin or rustic home, but chances are you might anger more people than you'd like to hope for.

Why are Grizzly Bear Rugs so sought after? Well 99% of the customer base is of course men, and those men usually like to hunt, or at least pretend to be great hunters. The Grizzly Bear can be well over 700 pounds, and once prepared as a rug, makes for an interesting and rugged floor piece. The Grizzly head sits a top of the rugs and always have quite the life like appearance after the taxidermist finishes his or her work. Most rugs also come with the Grizzlies claws in tact, and those claws can sometimes be 4-5 minches in legth!

I know a lot of people are very apposed to the idea, especially in this day and age, to killing a bear just for a rug. I for one do not own a bearskin rug nor do I have any plans in the future to do so, but I would like to hear from you the reader. Do you think this should be legal still, or is it wrong that these creatures are getting shafted from the virus known as human?

grizzly bear rug

grizzly bear rug head

grizzly bear rug claws