So many of us have this love-hate thing with the thought of using grocery coupons on a regular basis it is almost comical.

We love the savings that even sporadic coupon use can bring, and who wouldn't. Hundreds of dollars a month for the effort is sure to help you budget go a lot farther than it could have without those little slips of paper that drive us absolutely nuts.

We hate the hassles that regular coupon use brings. It takes some time and effort. Let's face it time is always in short supply. We hate having to buy only what is on sale because we feel so limited in our choices. And, we really, really hate having to spend extra time in the store every week as we shop.

To hear most of us complain about using supermarket coupons you would think they came from the very devil himself. Well, they don't, we just want an excuse to not have to use them and make ourselves feel better.

Well, I can tell you what has worked for me and made me ever so eager to go to the grocery store every week that I can hardly stand the anticipation of grocery shopping day. I pay myself to do it, week in and week out.

Yes, that is right, I pay myself. Every dollar I save goes into a special account to be used only for fun. Hey, I did the work and would have wasted the money anyway, so I should get the reward right. You bet I should.

What can I do with that money I have rightly worked to save? Anything I want to and I use it for fun. I have just turned something I absolutely hated doing into something that is right down fun and a reward. The benefit of getting rid of a hated chore is worth more than either time or money in my book. You just can't beat it.

What did I buy? I have saved so much this year that I just booked a week long cruise and intend to have the time of my life on this trip. You can bet I will not feel one bit of guilt over taking a week off and will enjoy every minute of my vacation.

What's your dream purchase or trip? You could be enjoying it sooner than you ever thought possible.

Here is some more grocery coupons shopping information to get you started. Oh, and by the way, this is a good place to look for free grocery coupons online.