So many people are trying to save money lately with the economy what it is that many have turned to grocery coupons in an effort to save money on food. What if you had a blueprint for being able to eat for a week or more without spending any money? How much extra money would you have at the end of that week for everything else?

As I took a look in my freezer the other day, the one thing that caught my eye was the fifty low calorie, low fat, name brand dinners stored there. I had a truckload of the same coupon and spent several hours "buying" these dinners just a few weeks ago. The truth is that I did not really buy them. With a double coupon for each and a really good sale price, they were totally free at the register. The truth is that these deals are not so hard to find and they come around regularly. But is it possible to modify my coupon shopping strategy to make a cohesive method of eating for free, reasonably healthily, for a week or more if I either need or wanted to?

I may not know the answer now, but I am certainly going to find out over the next month or two. This is an intriguing idea that I just can't seem to walk away from, and I figured that it should be really good information for all of us.

So here is what I am going to do over the coming months. I'm going to figure out how any of us could eat for a week or more without heading to the grocery store and still eat relatively well in the process. I'm going to work on this until I have the answers we all need and then report back to you guys in a series of updated articles so we all have the benefit of what is learned.

You see, I am convinced that you can indeed eat well totally for free for a week or more at a time. I'm absolutely positive in fact.

Here are the rules for the project:

1. All items must be acquired totally free, with the exception of sales tax when purchased.

2. You may use anything stored in your freezer or pantry already, as long as it meets the above criteria.

3. You can acquire free food, just so long as it is totally free.

4. You can only mooch off family members, friends and acquaintances one day a week.

5. In addition, you can only have one business lunch or dinner per week.

6. All meals need to be reasonably nutritious and balanced, although you do not need to be perfectly balanced, since survival diets rarely are.

You can follow along at use supermarket coupons for detailed weekly reports on my progress and insights.