A wedding is a very special day for a lot of people. It's special for your wife because it's the moment she's been dreaming of her entire life. It's special for your parents because it marks one of the final stages of their baby boy becoming a man. But for all the people who want to celebrate with you, less not forget how special this day is for your boys, your groomsmen. For most of us grooms, we rarely stand at the end of that long bouquet laced aisle without a team of heavy hitters by our side. Our Bros, our dudes, our entourage. These are the three to seven guys who have been by your side through it all. From rewinding that one scene of Titanic a thousand times, to staying up late talking about hot cheerleaders, or even sharing your first beers; your best friends have now become your groomsmen and you have to properly thank them for their service. And in the year 2013 a cigar and a pat on the back just won't do. Here a couple of suggestions that are destined to make even the biggest bro appreciate the sentiment. 

1. Personalized iPod. I first saw this done in 2005. A buddy I worked with was gifted an engraved iPod before his friend's wedding and I thought, wow, I want to be that guys friend. Now I know this is a bit showy, but if you have a smaller wedding party between like 3 or 4 really close Bros, than this might be the ticket. I mean, they definitely won't forget you after this gift. Side note, you could always give a Kindle or Nook if that's more your style. 

2. Treat them to a Bros day out. Why give a dinky gift when you can create an awesome day that your crew will never forget? Take them paintballing, go on a ropes course, play a round of golf at an amazing course, take a trip to the casino, and finish with a legendary night out on the town. And for the cherry on the cake commemorate the day with specially created hats and t-shirts with their nickname and catchphrase. Who wouldn't want a shirt that says "YOLO 2014"? Sounds like a lifetime supply of memories and inside jokes. 

3. Everyone likes a gift bag. Be classy and personal. I love bow ties, they've been my thing since I started college. I'm known for wearing them, I own a lot of them. It's my thing. By creating a gift basket with a bow tie, paired with a bottle of their favorite liquor and a movie you're saying, 'thank you for being a part of my world. It wouldn't be the same without you.' These guys have been by your side for the long haul and you want to let them know that you only exist because of them. So give a part of yourself to your team. 

No matter what you gift out just remember this: 

A) Make it personal. They deserve that much.

B) Make it cool. Remember, the groomsmen are the life of your wedding 

C) Make it a gift that brings the group together, not a gift the divides

D) Give from the heart. These are your boys for life. 

So take your time and pick out the right gifts. I trust you'll make the right decisions.