I can’t think of anything more powerful than a bromance.  Whether your groomsmen consist of your brothers, who protected you on the school ground, or buddies you grew up with.  Without them, lets be honest, life would be a little more boring.  On your big day show your buddies how much they mean to you with these four unique gift ideas.

The Classic

Most guys like beer, drinking accessories and flasks.  When performing a simple Google search one of the first items to appear are flasks, beer boots and customizable tavern signs.  These are classic gifts that any guy will appreciate to add to his collection.  Add an engraving to give the gift a more personal touch.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

A magazine subscription is a fantastic gift idea that will keep giving month after month.  Everyone loves getting mail, and once a month your buddy will be reminded about your generosity.  Some sample subscriptions that are sure to be a hit include Men’s Health, Maxim or any car magazine.  The beautiful thing about a magazine subscription is your gift can be unique for your buddy.  If he is good with his money get him a subscription to Money Sense or if he is a deep thinker, Mental Floss is a good option.

Hole in One

I haven’t met many men that don’t enjoy a good game of golf.  Putting a golfing package together can be a huge hit.  You can include a couple sleeves of top rated golf balls, a golf bag or even a club.  Worried about your buddy not enjoying his gift in the winter?  Include a putter.  Many websites offer a collapsible putter and hole that will fit into one convenient carrying case.  This can be engraved as well.

The Easy Way Out

The only thing better then money is a slightly more constricting form of money, gift cards.  Again you don’t have to get each friend the same gift – you can tailor each gift card to fit your individual friend’s interests.

In the end a lot of time and money can be spent on groomsman gifts.  My suggestion is that you tackle this project earlier rather then later.  There are many different headaches associated with getting married and you don’t want this task hanging over your head.  If after reading this article you still don’t know what to get your buddies?  Do as I did and hit them with everything.  I made a gift bag consisting of an affordable liquor flask, a Men’s Health subscription, a liquor store gift card and a sleeve of golf balls.  Either way your friends will appreciate the token and you will appreciate the honor of them standing up with you.