Outside dog pens are commonly used by dog owners who prefer that their dogs have their "own" space outside of the house. Ground cover for dog pens is the common dilemma for this. Yeah, it's tough to decide on that especially that you want only the best for your dogs. You don't want them to get scratched or injured because of your choices, right? Choose well dog owners. To help you with this dilemma, let me enumerate your different options for ground cover.

There is a lot of flooring to choose from. However, this is such a delicate issue. You can't just choose hastily since not all materials may be good for your pets. Here are your available options:

  • Concrete – this is easy to clean and disinfect with just soap and water. It will even cut down your dog nail clipping time to half since concrete can blunt your pet's nails. The problem is, it's too cold for your dog to lay in.
  • Dirt – this is one option but is not highly recommendable. It becomes muddy when rained on and can even give your pets bacteria when your pet's stool mixes with the dirt. Yuck! Unhealthy and messy are just the two words I want to avoid when it comes to caring for my pets. I know you do too.
  • Grass – is a very calming choice. It doesn't strain the eye and your dogs will even love it. Then again, this is not suitable for dogs who just love to dig on grassy floors. It will even smell awful after a few times your dog pees on it. It is an inexpensive choice but I'm not too crazy about it.
  • Pea gravel – this is a respectable choice. However, it should be poured for up to six inches. This is mainly for draining purposes.
  • Plastic flooring – this is easy to clean and dry off. You can even customize it for your space. I guess this solves your mud and concrete problems. This is probably the best among all the options.
  • Wood flooring – some dogs want to chew on wood so this may not be the best cover for you if you have a dog like that. The lumber in this kind of flooring is treated with toxic chemicals to make it last longer. You don't want your pets to chew on toxic chemicals, right? Another thing, wood absorbs urine which results in a nasty odour. Think long and hard if you are leaning towards this option.

Have you made your choice yet? Choosing Ground cover for dog pens is such a difficult decision to make so think a thousand times before getting to your final choice. You should consider your place and your dog's behaviour. In addition, think about your dog's health and well-being before actually buying one. Anyhow, all you need to know about the most common ground covers are dealt with in this article. May this be of great help to you and to your dog.

Choose well! I hope you get to the right decision.