Using a ground cover mat for exercise pens is a great way to keep your pet's feet clean from mud and dirt. 

If you have an exercise pen in your yard, or maybe you are travelling and taking a portable pet pen with you, using a special mat is a perfect way to let them do their business, and still be able to keep them clean while they play.

This tightly woven tubular plastic mat, is approximately 9 x 9 feet.  You simply lay it out in the pen area, and your pet can get some exercise and fresh air.  This mat will allow all liquids to penetrate through to the ground which will help to keep your pet clean as well.  All solids can be picked off of this mat.

It is mildew resistant and washes easily.  These fold for storage but are especially good for travelling.  The problem with regular outdoor areas for pets, especially dogs is that the grassGround Cover Mat for Exercise Pens tends to get worn off leaving you with dirt and mud when it is raining.  By using one of these mats, they can enjoy the outdoors without lying in dirt.

These pet mats are not restricted to dogs.  These would make great floor cover for cat houses, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and other pets.  This will keep them safe from rocks, broken glass, many bugs and more. 

Exercise Pen Ground Cover 9 x 9 Assorted CHECKERBOARD Colors vary

If you want to take your guinea pig outside, for example, you can set up this special mat, and know that he will be safe from any objects that might be lurking in the ground rather than using a blanket or regular cotton sheet.

If your pet likes to lounge outdoors, and it just finished raining buckets, then using a special mat for exercise pens would be a great way to give him a nice soft spot to enjoy the sun and outdoors without having him rolling in the mud and who knows what else.

If you travel with your pet, then maybe you take along a portable exercise pen, or simply fence in an area adding a mat will keep him clean and dry.  These can be folded or rolled up for easy travel.

We roll out mats and blankets for babies on the grass to keep them safe, why not do this for your pet?  Small pets would love this special mat too.  It is much easier to clean and store then a full sized blanket or sheet.  It keeps the wetness off of them and therefore keeps them clean.

You can get a ground cover mats or portable pens, or small fenced in areas at many pet supply stores.  But you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  If you just want a nice clean spot for your pet to enjoy the outdoors, with no worries of them doing their business, then consider this style of woven tubular plastic mat.  Easy to clean and easy to store.


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these are perfect for travelling.